DIY clothing ideas – Recycle and re-use old clothes

September 21, 2020
Fancy tops from scarfs

While rummaging your wardrobe to find a dress, you may have come across a plentiful of old clothes sitting around. If you dig deeper, you may have seen that some of these clothes are old fashioned or even rarely or never worn. Usually, they end up in the garbage, charity shop, or online sale.

Forget about your dilemma, there are numerous ways to recycle your old clothes, and it is not a problem anymore. Don’t chuck out your old clothes; remodel and use them instead! Not only does remodeling gives them new looks, but also helps you save money spent on buying new clothes.

In this post, we will be providing some innovative clothing upcycling tips that can be done with a minimum investment. You will also learn to upgrade your wardrobe and home with stylish ideas or even come up with completely new ideas. Create a wardrobe organizer from old jeans pockets or transform an old pair of jeans into a trendy short. The opportunities are never-ending. These smart ideas are easier than you think! Give your old clothes an entirely new life with these smart remodeling hacks.

Transform an old jean into something handy

Transform an old jean into something handy

If you have got a pair of jeans that are no longer in use, this is a clever idea to get the maximum of it. They are ideal for making floor mats, bags, wall hangers, wardrobe organizers, or to make patchwork fabrics and unique accessories.

To make a bag out of jeans, you will only need a pair of old jeans, threads, a pair of scissors, and some sewing skills. To begin, cut the two legs of the jeans and cut the in-seams of each leg. Then stitch the seams together to form a cylinder-like shape.

The bottom hem can be used as the top edge of the bag while the flat border is left as the bottom edge of the bag. Now that you have created the bag go ahead and attach the handles. You may also adorn it with a painting or some beads.

You may also make patchwork fabric using leftover denim fabric. Cut them into equal size pieces and shapes and join the columns in different contrast to make your own patchwork material or denim flannel quilt. It can be used as a quilt or a blanket.

Add colors to dull blouses ant t-shirts

Add colors to dull blouses ant t-shirts

This method works well on white t-shirts. To try this experiment, you will need a bucket of water, some bleach, twine, and a white t-shirt. Make the bleach mixture as per the instructions provided in the product. Twists the t-shirt and tie it with a piece of twine or a plastic band and let it rest in the bleach mixture for about half an hour. Take it out and rinse with cold water once the desired color has come out.

Ta-da! Your DIY hippie style spiral t-shirt is ready to wear!

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Adorn your plain blouses with embroidery designs or create some stunning patterns using fabric paints. This will add a fresh and fashionable touch to ordinary blouses.

Rugs out of old t-shirts

 Rugs out of old t-shirts

Not only can your old clothes be used to make new clothes, but also to decorate your house. Have you got old cotton t-shirts? Then, give this a try. Braid and stitch them together to form rugs.

Turn old shirts into pillow covers

Turn old shirts into pillow covers

Use old shirts to make your own pillow covers. Place the shirt with its button on and cut into a rectangle or square shape and stitch the edges. Your button-type pillowcases are all set to use.

Fancy tops from scarfs

Fancy tops from scarfs

You can easily transform scarfs into ready-made fancy tops. It doesn’t require stitching skills; a few knots and twists will make your halter tops. This way, you will create your summer dress, which is ideal for beach and cocktail parties.



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