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Care of your Sewing Machine


How to Properly Take Care of Sewing Machine

April 17, 2020

A sewing machine is a valuable investment option to have at home. The timeless machine comes in handy while sewing heavy fabric as it ensures the stitches are durable.

Like any other machine, you have to take proper care of your sewing machine. Even if you allow it to sit for years, ensure performing proper routine cleaning and maintenance to enhance its life.

It is a proud legacy, which can be passed on generation after generation. Hence, it is essential to take proper care of this unique and useful machine.

Here we have listed and explained a few tips to help you take proper care of your sewing machine. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive straight into the article.

Tips to help you Take Proper Care of your Sewing Machine

Let us take a look at a few tips to help you take proper care of your sewing machine:

Keep your Sewing Machine Covered

Always cover your sewing machine with a clean cloth after use to keep it away from dust and other particles. We know dust is the enemy of machinery. So, if you want to enhance the longevity of your valuable possession, then this is an important tip to remember.

Change Needles Often

Make sure you use proper and good quality sharp needles. Also, don’t allow the needle to sit idle for a prolonged time as it tends to become dull. This may lead to skipped stitches, looped thread, and damage to your sewing machine.

You are advised to change the needles after every one or two projects. Ensure the needle suits the type of fabric you wish to stitch.

Remove Lint

You can easily prevent lint build-up by using high-quality thread for sewing. Also, clean the sewing machine regularly by dusting inside the bobbin case.

You cannot eliminate the possibility of lint build-up. Hence, use compressed air to remove lint from the interior of the sewing machine. Ensure that the nozzle is at least four inches away from the machine when using compressed air. This prevents the entry of moisture.

Also, avoid blowing air into the interior of the machine using your mouth as it contains moisture. The humidity may lead to rusting of the machine, reducing its potential longevity.

Ensure Regular Cleaning

Read the instructions manual and follow the directions on how to clean your sewing machine. Before you begin cleaning, ensure the machine is unplugged.

Remove the small parts, including the needles, sewing plate, and presser foot. After setting them aside, use a brush to remove lint, old thread, and dust from the interiors. You can carefully clean one part at a time to avoid confusion while reattaching the parts.

Wipe the sewing machine using a clean cloth after putting the parts back. You can also do this after each use to safeguard it from dust.

Oiling the Sewing Machine

Regular oiling your sewing machine is an excellent idea as it adds a few more years to its life.

You need to oil the internal moving parts of the machine so that it runs smoothly for a long time. Ensure that your machine is clean and free from dust before you apply the oil. You can follow the instructions of the user manual to do this correctly. Run a few stitches across a few pieces of scrap cloth once you are done oiling to remove extra oil.

Make sure you use only a few drops of sewing machine oil. You can purchase this from any online store easily.


Annual servicing by experienced professionals to keep your sewing machine well maintained. Never try to service the machine yourself, especially if you don’t know much in this area.

Experience technicians will adjust the tension. He will also clean the areas of the sewing machine that you are unable to without opening it entirely. Getting the sewing machine serviced once a year will enhance its overall life to a great extend.


Taking proper care of your sewing machine enhances its performance and longevity. You might be able to pass this timeless piece of equipment down to generations.

With this note, we now come to the end of our comprehensive guide. We have provided a few tips to help you maintain your sewing machine properly.