Online Sewing and Embroidery Sewing Product Training - Learn How to Use

Do you know that we are the only company that sells sewing machines, and yet provide you with walk-in operation training for 365 days? If you have purchased a sewing machine from us, directly walk-in to our retail shop to ask any questions about the sewing machine.

  • Learn how to use your sewing and embroidery machines
  • Learn how to troubleshoot some of the machine issues
  • Learn how to utilize your sewing and embroidery machine features

This is the sewing class for you whether you're a beginner wishing to have a comprehensive introduction to understanding basic sewing patterns, studying sewing methods, using a sewing machine and studying basic cutting skills. This class is composed of four 2 and three quarter hour sessions where you'll be taken from the basics of threading a sewing machine into making a simple A-line skirt to show off your stitching abilities and establishing! Please be aware that weekend courses cover two sessions per day, whether weekday ones are taught once a week for four successive weeks.

  •     How to cut and pin fabric with a simple pattern
  •     How to thread the machine and finish a bobbin
  •     The best way to sew straight seams and how to complete them
  •     How to make a fantastically covered button
  •     Understanding and demystifying sewing patterns, for example, their mysterious language and symbols
  •     the Way to correctly take your measurements
  •     How to change the pattern and skirt to your ideal fit
  •     How to insert a routine zip
  •     How to finish a waistline with bias/binding