Baby Lock BMP8 Embroidery Machine 6 Needle

Baby Lock BMP8

Babylock BMP8 was user friendly and constructed for the enthusiastic embroiderer. It is compact enough to sit table-top. And has the features to quickly attract your embroidery creations to life.

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Babylock BMP8 was user-friendly. The sale repetitions brought it that this machine was simpler to operate afterward one of those single needle machines simply because it wasn't overpowering. Well, they were wright as usually. This wonderful family and the store sales reps owned business is the reason I purchased this embroidery machine.

Babylock BMP8 constructed for the enthusiastic embroiderer. It is compact enough to sit table-top. And has the features to quickly attract your embroidery creations to life.

With Babylock BMP8, your motivation, your imagination, and Your inspiration are sewn inside the bottoms of your designs. With easy touch-screen editing plus four ways to get designs, your creativity will never limit by the Embroidery Professional.

The BMP8 6 thread sewing machine is the machine that didn't spend all its time in the store. Out of the three machines, the producer is spent and finally replacing that the serger following the 3rd burned motor.

The BMP8 is light talking and can be taken everywhere. It fits fine at the rear of the van. I have already taken it to craft shows and flea markets, and it is Only a pleasure to work with


This machine has less than 3 hours and 102, 000 stitches. Including the machine original manuals accessories and the following:
-BMP workbook with instructional DVD
-2 set of hoops (2) 2X2 - (2) 4X4- (2) 5X7- (2) 8X12
-Six extra large cones of Robinson Anton thread
-25 magna glide pre-wound bobbins
-Designs in machine emb Quicksnap Hoops set worth $599.00
-Deluxe white table/stand worth $1000.00
Software: INCLUDED
- Fantastic fonts lettering software
- Monogramworks lettering software
- Density works
-Business forms templates for the embroidery business
- CD 1000 plus designs
* 1 complete set of hoops
o XL 7 7/8" x 11 3/4"
o L 5 1/8" x 7 1/8"
o M 4" x 4"
o S 1 1/2" x 2 3/8"
* 1 cap frame hoop set
* Built-in embroidery designs
o 59 designs
o 13 alphabets
o Exclusive script
o Large floral alphabet
o Ten frames with 12 design shapes
o Monogram designs
* Machine operation guide

6 Needles + 6 Colors = 0 Color Changes
The Embroidery Professional saves you time and effort. With six needles, you no longer have to re-thread after every color change. Assign each needle a color, then sit back and watch as your design is stitched out at an amazing maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

Hassle-Free, Automatic Threading
Threading a needle has never been easier. The Embroidery Professional has an automatic needle-threading mechanism that passes the thread through the eye of the needle. With just a push of a button, the needle is automatically threaded.

Easily Duplicate Your Designs
Sew multiple copies of the same design all in one hoop. This feature makes embroidering badges, patches or any project that you need a repeating pattern fast and easy. Just touch the screen to instantly add rows or columns of the design up to 30 times in both directions. No copying and pasting are necessary.

Quickly Customize with Touch-Screen Editing
Combine, reposition, rotate, change thread colors and add text, all with the touch of your finger. The easy-to-read color LCD touch screen makes editing designs simple. Customize with only a few screen selections and every design embroidered will look exactly as you envisioned. This works great on the many built-in designs, allowing you to alter them to fit your style.

Choose Designs from Multiple Sources
The Embroidery Professional has four ways to read designs. With a floppy disk drive, flash memory card slot and embroidery card slot, designs can come from anywhere. The Embroidery Professional also directly connects to your computer via a USB port. Create and edit designs on your computer and send them straight to the Embroidery Professional. With this much connectivity, you can use all your favorites from your current design library plus open doors for all new designs.

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Baby Lock BMP8 Embroidery Machine 6 Needle

Baby Lock BMP8 Embroidery Machine 6 Needle

Babylock BMP8 was user friendly and constructed for the enthusiastic embroiderer. It is compact enough to sit table-top. And has the features to quickly attract your embroidery creations to life.


Semi-Industrial Features

  • 6 needles- 1 position for each needle
  • Maximum embroidery speed- 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Maximum embroidery fill stitching speed- 1,000 stitches per minute
  • Stitch capacity: machine will read up to
    • 500,000 stitches per design, or
    • 500 color changes, or
    • 100 combined designs

Technology Features

  • Color LCD screen with 4,096 colors
  • 640 x 240 LCD size (dot matrix)
  • Touch-screen pattern selection and editing


  • Floppy drive (read and write)
  • Direct PC connection via USB Port
  • Embroidery card slot
  • Compact Flash memory card slot (read and write)
  • Reads multiple formats (PES,PEC,DST,PHC)
  • Upgradeable through Compact Flash memory card slot, floppy drive or USB Port connection

Convenience Features

  • Built-in memory
  • Bobbin system: front loading, vertical rotary hook
  • Push button, automatic needle threader
  • Upper thread breakage sensors
  • Manual tension control
  • Automatic thread trimmer (upper and lower)
  • Start/Stop button with lock feature
  • On-screen speed control
  • Uses pre-wound bobbins
  • Choose units of measure (inches or millimeters)

Customizing Features

  • Character/text array editing
  • Pattern rotation (1° or 90° increments)
  • Design size change (10% reduction to 20% increase) on most designs
  • Needle forward and reverse position placement (1, 10, or 100 stitch increments)
  • Instant needle edge placement (8 starting and 8 ending positions)
  • Thread color display in 7 options
  • Custom color displays in 3 options:
    • Original Palette, Custom Palette 1, Custom Palette 2
  • Embroidery fields (4 hoops included)
    • Extra Large 7-7/8" x 11-3/4"
    • Large 5-1/8" x 7-1/8"
    • Medium 4" x 4"
    • Small 1-1/2" x 2-3/8"
  • Hoop sensor advises hoop size for design chosen
  • Built-in embroidery designs
    • 59 Designs
    • Large floral alphabet
    • 13 Styles of alphabets
    • Exclusive script designs
    • 10 frames with 12 design stitches
    • Monogram designs with frames (designs and features of Baby Lock embroidery card #10)
  • On-screen stitch count and running time system
  • On-screen design duplication (up to 30 times in both directions)

Support Features

  • Built-in operation guide
  • Built-in help messages
  • Set-up video included
  • Auto save feature - automatically saves last design when power is turned off or a power failure occurs
  • Shipping weight (110 lbs. or 50 kg.)
  • Machine weight (81-1/2 lbs. or 37 kg.)
  • Warranty (5 years limited, 2 years computer circuit, 1 year electrical, 1 year parts, 1 year labor)
  • Ask your Baby Lock Retailer about training and service programs

Optional Accessories

  • Cap Frame Hoop Set (EPCF1)
    • Includes frame, driver, and mounting jig
  • Cap Frame Only (EPCF)
  • Table/Stand (EPSTAND)
  • Bobbin Winder device with metal bobbins (EPBW1)
  • Bobbins (pre-wound polyester)
  • Baby Lock Embroidery Professional Workbook
  • Baby Lock embroidery cards and disks

Optional Table/Stand

Optional Cap Hoop

Embroider caps easier and quicker with the optional cap hoop. This snap-on hoop allows you to embroider along the curve of any cap. Buy additional cap frames to have several caps hooped and ready to snap in.

Optional Hoops

Save valuable time by buying additional hoops, in every available size, to have your fabric prepped and ready to go when the machine is finished with the current design.

  • Four Hoops available: Extra Large 7-7/8" x 11-3/4"(EPF300)
  • Large 5-1/8" x 7-1/8"(EPF180)
  • Medium 4" x 4" (EPF100)
  • Small 1-1/2" x 2-3/8"(EPF60)

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