Babylock Intrepid 6 Needle Embroidery Machine


Baby Lock Intrepid is a powerful six-needle machine which comes with a variety of features that will make your creative dreams become a reality.

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Baby Lock Intrepid is a powerful six-needle machine which comes with a variety of features that will make your creative dreams become a reality.

This Baby Lock Intrepid that is six-needle that is powerful includes many different robust features that will make your wildest fantasies become a reality. Make changes to layouts and get started embroidering right away. Create your designs and load them onto the device with USB connectivity that is two-way or use some of the 86 built-in designs.

Whether you are trying to open up your creativity or just seeking to start a house business, getting a proper partner is a superb place. The Baby Lock Intrepid 6-needle arm embroidery machine that is free comprises the user-friendly features you'd expect to see in some of the Baby Lock home embroidery machines, along with finish and the speed of a system. It's so user-friendly and incredibly easy-to-use. Put for it to work -- or play -- you!

Features include:

  • 7-7/8" x 11-3/4" Embroidery Area
  • TruView™ IPS LCD Touchscreen in HD
  • Needle Beam for Embroidery
  • 86 Embroidery Designs
  • Six Efficient Needles
  • Onscreen Editing Capabilities
  • Embroider at 1,000 SPM
  • 37 Built-In Fonts
  • Four Hoops Included
  • Convenient Bobbin System
  • Three USB Drives (2 Type A, 1 Type B) and SD Card Slot

Additional Information     

  • Built-in operation guide with 17 videos
  • Built-in help messages
  • Autosave feature - automatically saves last design when power is turned off, or a power failure occurs
  • Eco and Sleep power-saving modes
  • Shipping weight (111 lbs. or 50.4 kg.)
  • Machine weight (84 lbs. or 38 kg.)


  • 25-year product casting
  • 5-year circuit boards
  • 5-year electrical
  • 2-year parts
  • 1-year labor
  • Optional Gold Standard Comprehensive Care program available

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Very good !

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    Babylock Intrepid 6 Needle Embroidery Machine

    Babylock Intrepid 6 Needle Embroidery Machine

    Baby Lock Intrepid is a powerful six-needle machine which comes with a variety of features that will make your creative dreams become a reality.


    • 6 Needles - 1 position for each needle
    • Maximum embroidery speed: 1,000 stitches per minute
    • High Speed Acceleration
    • Embroiders up to 7-7/8" x 11 3/4" (200mm x 300mm) embroidery field
    • Stitch reading capacity:
       • 500,000 Stitches per design, or
       • 500 Color changes, or
       • 100 Combined designs

    • TruView™ IPS LCD Color Touchscreen
       • Shows 16,771,216 colors
       • Measures 10.1" diagonally
       • Adjustable screen brightness
    • TruView IPS Touch Screen Shows:
       • Design placement using drag and drop capabilities
       • Estimated embroidery time display and stitch count
       • Needle advancement (1, 10, 100, or 1000 stitch increments)
       • Measurements displayed in inches or millimeters
       • Color separation
       • Thread color indicator
       • Onscreen hoop size indicator
       • 300 Color names
       • Screen saver customization
       • Customizable mouse pointer
       • Estimated embroidery time display and stitch count
    • Needle Beam for precise alignment

    Embroidery Features

    • Combine embroidery desgns on screen
    • Character/text array function
    • Character spacing
    • Multi-line text
    • Character inset and group edit capabilities
    • Pattern rotation (0.1°, 1°, 10°, 90°)
    • Design size change (60% reduction and 200% enlargement) on most designs
    • Deselect Region - Preset and skip unwanted regions for time savings
    • Needle forward and reverse position placement (1, 10, 100 or 1,000 stitch increments)
    • Intuitive forward and reverse placement by touchable progress bar and direct number input
    • Easy-to-use switch spool key to rotate color spools on screen
    • Design duplication (up to 20 times in both directions)
    • Enhanced design grouping/ungrouping allows designs or letters to move as a group
    • Color Visualizer with pin-able color selections and color grouping
    • Automatic applique stitching
    • Automatic basting
    • Mirror imaging
    • Increase design thumbnail from 100% to 150% for easy viewing
    • Change color selections within designs
    • Continuous border capabilities and color sorting on border designs
    • Short stitch delete
    • Monochrome option for embroidery designs
    • Editing patterns as a group
    • Embroider repeated patterns without color sorting
    • Instant needle edge placement (9 starting and 9 ending positions)
    • Thread color display in 6 options
    • Custom color displays in 3 options: Original Palette, Custom Palette 1, Custom Palette 2
    • 4 included embroidery hoops: 7-7/8" x 11-3/4" (200mm x 300mm)
        5-1/8" x 7-1/8" (130mm x 180mm) 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) 1-1/2" x 2-3/8" (40mm x
    • Hoop sensor advises hoop size for design chosen
    • On-screen count and running time system

    Built-In Embroidery Designs
    • 86 Embroidery designs built-in 60 Exclusive designs
      • 37 Fonts including:
           Baby Lock exclusive script
           2 large floral alphabets
           Renaissance alphabet
           Vintage alphabet
           Line alphabet
           Applique letters
           Greek letters
           Applique Greek letters
           Block alphabet
           Large striped alphabet
      • 3 monogram designs with font frames
      • 140 frame combinations

    • Optional External USB 1GB Flash Drive compatible up to 32GB
    • 3 USB drives; 2 (Type A) drives, version 2.0 connects with flash drives and CDROM drives and
       version 2.0 connects with mouse, hub, and floppy drives, and (Type B) USB direct connects to
       a PC
    • 1 SD card connection capability (SD and SDHC)
    • Reads multiple formats (PES, PEC, DST, PHC)
    • Upgradable through USB connection only
    • Linking capabilities connect up to 4 machines using Palette 9 software through a powered hub
    • Compatible machines include BMP9 with upgrade, BND9-2, BND9, BNT10, BNT10L and

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