Baby Lock Tiara III Longarm Quilting Machine

Tiara III

Baby Lock Tiara III is ideal for people who would rather sit and stitch. Nestled into its table the Tiara features stitch rates of around 1,800 stitches per minute. 

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Baby Lock Tiara III is ideal for people who would rather sit and stitch. Nestled into its table the Tiara features stitch rates of around 1,800 stitches per minute. Quick-set tension and the LCD screen allow for easy adjustments for the experience that is perfect.

The small sit-down and footprint table configuration of the Tiara allows for this device to fit into any studio area.

As the home sewing firm to bring you longarm quilting, Baby Lock is pleased to introduce the Tiara III. So that you'll be ready to quilt away this sleek functioning machine comes with its own table. Plus, its compact layout uses living room area! Quilt in a rate comfortable to you, up to 1,800 stitches a minute, and watch glowing colored LED lights illuminate your workspace.

The Baby Lock Tiara III is sit quilting machine which has a 16″ neck area, and will liven up to 1,800 stitches per minute. At speed and this size, you will be able to complete any size quilt.

The Tiara includes a full-color LED display screen which lets you control needle position, the system speed, bobbin thread detector counter, and a calculator. Plus, the Tiara has a stitch regulator that's an choice if you want your stitches to be the same length no matter how fast or slow you transfer the quilt. The Tiara has a handy bobbin case and uses M class bobbins. The front-loading bobbin will be the easiest to eliminate and change, along with a bobbin holds not more thread than also the M class bobbin. Additionally, the Tiara comes with an bobbin winder that can end bobbins as you quilt. If you do not have room for a large decorative frame, but have to be able to complete vases, the Tiara III is a machine worth looking into.

Include: Quilting Machine Tool Set
Keep quilting tools nearby with this tool set. Includes 4 handy tools and a canvas holder that attaches directly to your machine. Tool Set Includes: Ladybug Tweezer, Ladybug Squizzor, Longarm Needle Inserter, Longarm Quilt Driver, Convenient Canvas Holder. Compatible with the Baby Lock Crown Jewel, Jewel, Tiara and Handi-Quilter Longarm machines.

Fit for a Queen — 16" Sit-down Machine Dedicated to Quilting.

  • Sewing Speeds up to 1,500 spm
  • Huge Workspace — 16" to the Right of Needle, 8 ¼" High
  • Smooth, Adjustable Table Included
  • Large Class "M" Bobbin
  • LCD Touch Screen & High-intensity LED Work Lights
  • TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator (Optional)

key features

  • 53 lbs.
  • 8.25" x 16" Throat Space
  • Optional Stitch Regulator
  • Side-Facing Quilt Style
  • Built-in Stitch Counter
  • Low Bobbin Thread Indicator
  • 135X7 Needles
  • Quick-Set Tension Hooray!
  • Built-in Basting Stitch
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • 10 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 5 Year Parts
  • 5 Year Computer
  • 5 Year Electrical
  • 1 Year Labor
  • Gold Standard Available

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    Baby Lock Tiara III Longarm Quilting Machine

    Baby Lock Tiara III Longarm Quilting Machine

    Baby Lock Tiara III is ideal for people who would rather sit and stitch. Nestled into its table the Tiara features stitch rates of around 1,800 stitches per minute. 


    Technical Features

    • 16” workspace to right of needle x 8.25” high
    • 28 Integrated high-intensity LED light ring illuminating quilting area
    • 1/4” Interchangeable Hopping foot
    • Holds the fabric in place while the needle completes the stitch
    • Hopping foot stroke/lift - 5mm
    • Compatible with standard 1/4” thick rulers and templates
    • Maximum sewing speed of 1,800 spm
    • Customizable speed control
    • Save your preferred speed settings with three customizable pre-sets
    • Half-stitch programs the needle to take a half stitch or full stitch when the needle up/down button is pressed
    • Increase or decrease “My Speed” with a press of a button
    • Quick-Set Tension makes adjusting upper thread tension easier plus the digital read out appears on LCD screen
    • Basting option allows you to baste layers every 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2 or 2 seconds
    • Responsive foot pedal with half-stitch control
    • TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator available
    • Large, adjustable color LCD touch screen shows:
    • LED lighting options
    • Stitch counters
    • Diagnostics
    • Volume control
    • Calculator
    • Low bobbin warning
    • Timers
    • Hardware & Software info
    • Stitch regulator and manual modes when using TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator
    • Thread tension setting
    • Programmable Needle Positioning: Needle Up/Down
    • Needle bar stroke - 35.3mm
    • Uses 134 needle system, slight ball point needle

    Additional Information

    • Change needles easily with large needle thumb screw
    • High-speed rotary hook
    • Large capacity “M” class bobbin
    • Low Bobbin Estimator warns you when you are running low on bobbin thread
    • Store three bobbin thread capacity settings based on your preferred thread
    • External electric bobbin winder with variable speeds
    • Adjustable tensions for any type of thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic
    • Use larger thread spools for bobbin work
    • Two timers
    • Reminder timer can be set to alarm after a period of time
    • Project timer tracks time spent on a quilt project
    • Smooth table surface assures even quilting
    • Easy setup and take-down
    • 4 Languages (English, Spanish, French, German)
    • Solid cast aluminum construction
    • Internal brushless DC motor
    • Machine weight - 53 lb.
    • Table weight - 59 lb.
    • Made in U.S.A. of globally sourced parts

    Included Accessories

    • Tiara Quilting Table (36” x 30”) with adjustable height settings
    • Electronic bobbin winder with variable speeds
    • 5 “M” size metal bobbins
    • 2 Packs of needles (Size 16 and 18)
    • Thread antennae
    • Interchangeable Open Toe Hopping Foot
    • Oiler
    • Disc-shaped screwdriver for needle removal
    • Allen wrenches
    • 8mm open wrench
    • Cleaning brush
    • Screwdriver
    • Instruction manual

    Optional Accessories

    • Tiara Studio by Koala
    • TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator - Item # BLTRTS
    • Horizontal Spool Pin - Item # BLJ18-HS
    • Tiara 18” Quilting Table Extension - Item # BLTRT16-E
    • Tiara Quilting Table Overlay - Item # BLTRT16-O
    • Gold Standard - Item # BLTR16-GS
    • 3 Pack Metal Bobbins - Item # BLJ-BOB
    • Needles:
    • Size 12 - Item # 134FG-80
    • Size 14 - Item # 134FG-90
    • Size 16 - Item # 134FG-100
    • Size 18 - Item # 134FG-110
    • Size 20 - Item # 134FG-125

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