BabyLock Enlighten Serger

BabyLock Enlighten

BabyLock Enlighten is a revolutionary serger features the latest in threading technology, ExtraordinAir Threading. With just one push of a button, ExtraordinAir takes all your thread through all the loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air. Plus, expand your creative options with the exclusive Wave stitch.

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Baby Lock Enlighten WAVE has the convenience and innovation you would expect from a Baby Lock along with a one-of-a-kind WAVE stitch that expands your decorative stitch selections.

The Enlighten BLE3ATW-2 has new technology, the revolutionary ExtraordinAir threading has you overlocking in a breeze while the Automatic Thread Delivery System and differential feed remind you why you love to overlock with a Baby Lock. We're talking about an entirely new way of overlocking without tensions.

That's right. BabyLock has thrown away the tension knobs. Gone with the tension knobs is the frustration of understanding perfect tension settings and the confusion of what tension knob to turn has been eliminated. In place of thread, tension is Imagine's unique, patented "Automatic Thread Delivery" system.

ATD Threading System

ATD delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread. All you have to do is set the Imagine to the type of stitch you want and overlock. Imagine that!

Switching from 4 to 3 to 2 thread and on to rolled hemming couldn't be easier. All it takes is one simple dial to change from automatically rolled hems to a rolled edge, to full stitch length. Another feature exclusive to Baby Lock is the vertical needle.

It's designed to avoid needle deflection and to improve needle penetration on all fabrics. And Imagine's differential feed delivers a true 2 to 1 gathering ratio, eliminates puckering in fabric and makes complete fabric manipulation possible. The tubular thread paths protect the thread as it passes through the machine for carefree overlocking.

The Baby Lock Enlighten, so user-friendly that a sewing novice can use it.

WAVE Embroidered edges

The Wave Stitch (not to be confused with the "fluted" lettuce leaf finish) gives an attractive wavy finish to the edge of your fabrics. The stitch is formed by the machine automatically increasing and decreasing the looper tensions. You can achieve a wave stitch up to one inch long. Perfect coverage in a matching thread or by one or two contrasting shades, the patented Wave Stitch opens your world to more decorative stitches for more creativity.

Instant ExtraordinAir Threading

Of course, the Enlighten also has Baby Lock's exclusive "Instant ExtraordinAir Threading" to go along with its ATD. One-touch of a button and the thread is jet-aired through the tubular loopers.

It handles specialty and decorative threads as easily as standard cone threads, which means you can effortlessly embellish your creation with the fanciest and finest threads.

The patented tubular looper system protects and controls each thread as it travels through the machine. And, best of all, the Baby Lock Enlighten eliminates threading confusion because it threads in any order.

Built-In Needle Threader

Needle threading is quick and easy. A touch of a lever automatically threads the eye of each needle.

Differential Feed Adjustment

Complete fabric manipulation is possible on the Imagine because of Baby Lock's full-featured differential feed. The feed system works with all fabrics and in multiple sewing applications. It prevents seams from waving, fabrics from stretching and wovens from puckering. Yet, it delivers a true 2 to 1 ratio for gathering.

Heavy-Duty Cutting System

No matter what the fabric weight, the Enlighten blades cut through it like butter. A twist of a dial engages and disengages the blade. Lock the blade and it becomes a sewing guide. Unlock it and it trims the fabrics as you sew.

Stitch Length/Rolled Hem Dial

A single dial delivers automatically rolled hems, rolled edges and stitch length adjustments. A turn of this dial switches the Enlighten from three thread stitching to a narrow rolled hem. Long and short stitch lengths can be dialed without stopping the machine for any stitch, 4,  3, 2  thread, flatlock or rolled hem. Customize the stitch length to fit every sewing project, from overedging to seaming as well as decorative overlocking.

Sewing and serging are made easy with BabyLock Enlighten machine, for it comes equipped with a single unit feed dog mechanism, which ensures durable feeding. Users can enjoy the options of a built-in threader, accessory storage, ribbon guide, tape guide as well as a multifunctional foot presser in this intuitive thread-serging sewing machine.

Moreover, with the Baby Lock Enlighten, projects are completed quickly with its special thread delivery system. With the automatic delivery system, this Baby Lock sewing machine allows sewers to control exactly what type of stitch and thread they want and use various types of fabrics without experiencing any skips.

In addition, users will also appreciate the Baby Lock Enlighten for its Wave Stitch feature that allows sewers to create more decorative stitches on fabrics. The Baby Lock sewing machine is the perfect combination of speed with 1,500 stitches per minute along with the threading options one would need in any demanding sewing project. Moreover, at only 16 lbs, this thread-serging sewing machine can be easily transported from one room to another.

Main Features:

  • Japanese quality
  • 4 Thread
  • Use with 2, 3 or 4 threads
  • ExtraordinAir threading
  • Automatic tensions
  • Tubular threading
  • Differential feed
  • Needle threader
  • Quick change rolled hem
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Adjustable cutting width

Finish projects with quality and versatility – easily switch from 4, 3 or 2 thread rolled hemming options.

• ExtraordinAir Threading System
• Automatic Thread Delivery System for no tensions
• Pure Lighting with 3 LED lights
• Full-Featured Differential Feed:
– 2 to 1 Ratio – gathering
– 3 to 4 Ratio – stretching
• 4/3/2 Thread serging

Convenience Features

• Built-in needle threader
• Electronic foot control
• Snap-on, multi-purpose presser foot
• Built-in accessory storage
• Built-in ribbon/tape guide

Advanced Serging Features

• Exclusive Wave Stitch for additional stitch options
• Rolled hemming with 3 threads
• Flatlock stitching with 2 or 3 threads
• Dial adjustable stitch width: 1.5-7.5mm
• Dial adjustable stitch length: 0.75-4mm
• Dial adjustable built-in rolled hem
• Heavy-duty cutting system
• The precise, patented system makes for easier sewing around curves
• Side thread cutter
• 1,500 Stitches per minute


• Household Needle system:
– HAx1SP
– ELx705CF
• Electronic drive system
• Weight: 16 pounds
• Warranty: 25 years limited, 10 years parts,5 years electrical, 1-year labor

Optional Accessories

• Beading Foot (BLE-BF)
• Blindhem Foot (BLE-BLHFS)
• Clear Foot (BLE3ATW2-CLF)
• Cording Foot 3mm(BLE-CF3)
• Cording Foot 5mm(BLE-CF5)
• Elastic Foot (BLE-EF)
• Flat Sole Foot (BLE3ATW-FSF)
• Lace Applicator Foot (BLE-LF)
• Ruffling Foot (BLE-RF)
• Optional Inspirational Guide – Available from your local Baby Lock Retailer
• Optional Gold Standard Comprehensive
• 6 ft Kit
• 40 (+3 partial) serger Thread
• 3 Serger books
• Needles (5) serger & (2) dbl eyed
• Babylock 6 Foot Set Enlighten Imagine Over Lock Serger

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BabyLock Enlighten Serger

BabyLock Enlighten Serger

BabyLock Enlighten is a revolutionary serger features the latest in threading technology, ExtraordinAir Threading. With just one push of a button, ExtraordinAir takes all your thread through all the loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air. Plus, expand your creative options with the exclusive Wave stitch.

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