BabyLock Ovation Serger

BabyLock Ovation

The Baby Lock Ovation Serger is an 8-thread serger that provides you with the largest workspace for the home serger market. The Ovation has other key features like a knee lift and six LED lights. 
This machine is new and in the box.

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Babylock ovation Combined overlock and coverlock machine.

Comes, of course, with the unique jet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. Dreams are there to come true!

Babylock Ovation is the dream of all sewing dreams and has now become a reality!! The baby lock Ovation sets new standards for combined overlock and coverlock machines. There are no limits to your creativity. It makes even the impossible possible.

You can use up to eight threads simultaneously to produce excellent, incredible, and outstanding decorative effects. This machine lets you combine overlock, coverlock or chain stitches however you like. In no time at all and without any difficulty! The Ovation quickly takes you to wherever your sewing wants to be.

Thanks to eight different thread guides. And you can define the threading order yourself! No need to laboriously follow any threading points. Forget about loose threads and all the associated tangle and frustration.

Babylock Ovation naturally features baby lock's fully automated jet-air system to thread the loopers too.

Just place the thread in the desired looper port, push the button and hey presto, the looper is threaded completely and automatically. If you like, you can also thread all three loopers at once.

Thanks to the automatic thread delivery (ATD) system and the stitch selector, you no longer have to worry about thread tension adjustment. All your stitches will now look perfect, no matter which sewing thread quality you use, from an ultrafine through to a strong thread. The presser foot pressure can also be adjusted separately and adapted to your needs. Only a baby lock offers the exclusive wave stitch that is an absolute eye-catcher.

Say goodbye to frustrating unwanted puckering or wavy seams with knitwear or excellent fabrics. The adjustable differential feed (0.6 – 2.0:1) gives all stitches a perfect look. What's more, the Ovation even copes with large sewing projects without any problems. The full throat provides plenty of space to move large amounts of material during sewing. The baby lock Ovation's six LED lamps to light up your workspace correctly so that you can still see your sewing project when it gets late if you can't stop.

Include Accessories for babylock ovation:

  • Bead/sequin foot
  • Belt loop folder
  • Blind hem foot
  • Curving foot
  • A double fold bias binder
  • Elastic foot
  • Fabric guide for the Ovation & Gloria
  • Feet set
  • Lace applicator foot
  • Lap seam folder
  • Piping foot 3 mm
  • Piping foot 5 mm
  • Plain hemmer
  • Shirring foot
  • Single downturn feller
  • A single fold bias binder
  • Single fold bias binder with guiding rake
  • Sliding foot
  • Stitch pattern book 1
  • Stitch pattern book 2
  • Transparent Curve foot
  • Transparent presser foot
  • Trim bin


  • Adjustment-free Stitching: The Ovation has no tension dials or controls because the tension is adjusted automatically.
  • Multiple Needles: With five needles ready to go, this serger produces some of the most beautiful
  • Automatic Threading: Also includes color-coded, single antennae featuring thread guides.


  • Vibrations: At the highest setting on the variable speed control, there is some slight vibrating.
  • High Price: This is a high-end machine designed for experienced users.
  • No instructional DVD: Purchase of this serger includes a comprehensive owner’s manual.

The Baby Lock Ovation Serger is an 8-thread serger that provides you with the largest workspace for the home serger market. The Ovation has other essential features like a knee lift and six LED lights.
This machine is new and in the box.

Other features include:

  • Most significant Throat Space - 5" to the Right of the Needle
  • ExtraordinAir Threading- Thread your loopers all simultaneously with the push of a button.
  • Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD)
  • Two to 8 Thread Serging
  • Up to 1500 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • and so much more...


  • Speed: 1,500 Stitches per minute
  • Threads: 8-7-6
  • Color-Coded: Yes
  • Light: 6 LEDs
  • Weight: 27.34 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 13.5 inches in height by 19.3 inches wide

Product Features

ExtraordinAir™ Threading System

Even when using all eight threads at once, the automatic threading system smoothly and efficiently runs every thread through the machine and out the other end without any effort on your part. And if a thread only goes halfway through, the press of a button will instantly finish the process.

Automatic Thread Delivery™ System

The automated thread delivery system ensures never having to stop and adjust the thread tension again. The system produces balanced, even stitches on a wide variety of fabrics and layers. The ATDS also allows you to thread the lower loopers in whichever order you prefer. The machine also features a particular bypass port for use when using unique or decorative threads.

Extra Work Space

With a full 5 inches of free space to the right of the needle, there’s plenty of room for maneuvering oversized projects or maneuvering fabric when applying decorative stitching to various fabrics.

Presser Foot Knee Lifter and Lever

Being able to raise the presser foot by using your kneed to move a lever means your hands are free, especially when working with delicate or heavy fabrics or applying intricate decorative stitches. Besides, an easily-accessed presser foot lever is located at the front of the serger so you can make fast adjustments while working.

Full-Feature Differential Feed

The patented differential feed consistently delivers a perfect 2:1 ratio for producing stunning, even ruffles and lettuce-edge finishes on any fabric, including lightweight knits.


The Ovation carries a limited 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on machine defects, a 10-year warranty on a 10-year warranty on parts, a 5-year warranty on all electrical components and a 1-year warranty on labor.


This high-end, multi-functional machine opens a world of creative possibilities to even the most experienced serger user. The patented 8-7-6-thread capability ensures you’ll never tire of the options at your fingertips. And being able to cover stitches chain-off allows you to design and create your trim and embellishments. In short, the Baby Lock Ovation is a wonder of technology and thoughtful design.

Ovation Instruction Book
Ovation Quick Reference Guide
Ovation Spec Sheet
Ovation Manual + Instruction Guide (Version française)

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BabyLock Ovation Serger

BabyLock Ovation Serger

The Baby Lock Ovation Serger is an 8-thread serger that provides you with the largest workspace for the home serger market. The Ovation has other key features like a knee lift and six LED lights. 
This machine is new and in the box.

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