Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2 Sewing Quilting Embroidery Machine


Horizon Memory Craft 15000 or MC15000 Version 2.0 now has more features so that you can explore your creativity. With ten stitches, as well as an improvement to the factor Zig Zag attribute.

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Horizon Memory Craft 15000 or MC15000 Version 2.0 now has more features so that you can explore your creativity. With ten stitches, as well as an improvement to the factor Zig Zag attribute.

Introducing the new flagship the Memory Craft 15000, through Janome's advanced and design culture that the 15000 is effective at producing clothes and embroidery, quilting, house décor easier and more than any machine of its kind!

The Memory Craft 15000 more intelligent, has a larger workspace and 100% more processing power than its predecessor. The MC 15000 is the first machine in the Janome range to possess connectivity so monitoring and designing projects can't only be done form any place in the house but it can be done with the programs offered for Air. Using AcuMonitor and the apps AcuEdit on your iPad, anything that you can picture you can design from the comfort of your area by combining minding and utilizing any variety of design purposes.

As the successor of the highly celebrated MC15000 V2.0, the new machine has additional features to include the tapering function, together with all the exclusive tapering angle mirror image, currently the only device in the marketplace with the capacity. The new ruler work foot is intended to achieve quilting effects. These features combined with six additional types of monograms and needle and a grade foot, will redefine the experience for consumers, letting them be innovative, accurate and productive.

WHAT IS Memory Craft 15000 IN THE BOX
• Zigzag Foot A
• Overedge Foot M
• Satin Stitch Foot F
• Blind Hemming Foot G
• Zipper Foot E
• Concealed Zipper Foot Z
• Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
• Stabilizer Plate for B/hole Ft
• Rolled Hem Foot D
• Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
• Darning Foot PD-H
• Free Motion Quilting Closed-toe Foot QC
• Free Motion Quilting Open-toe Foot QO
• Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot QV
• Button Sewing Foot T
• 1/4″ Seam Foot O
• Dual Feed Holder (twin)
• Dual Feed Holder (single)
• Dual Feed Foot AD (twin)
• Dual Feed Foot VD (single)
• Dual Feed Quilt Piecing Foot OD (twin)
• Dual Feed Zipper Foot ED (single)
• AcuFeed Open Toe Foot UD (twin)
• Embroidery Foot P
• Straight Stitch Needle Plate
• 5 x Bobbins
• Needle Set
• Additional Spool Pin
• Spool Pin Felt
• Screwdriver
• Lint Brush
• Seam Ripper
• Quilting Guide Bar
• Spool Holder (large)
• Spool Holder (small)
• Net • Spool Stand
• Button Shank Plate
• Scissors
• Touch Panel Stylus
• Cloth Guide
• Bobbin Holder Cleaner
• Embroidery Hoop SQ14 (with template)
• Embroidery Hoop SQ23 (with template)
• Embroidery Hoop GR (with template)
• Embroidery Hoop ASQ22 (with template)
• Embroidery Hoop FA10 (with template)
• 4 x Magnetic Clamps (for SQ23 and GR)
• 8 x Magnetic Clamps (for ASQ22)
• Bobbin Holder for Embroidery
• Felt Fabric
• Sample Stabilizers
• Bobbin Thread for Embroidery3 x Optic Magnifiers (20/40/60)
• Power Cable
• USB Cable
• Instruction Book
• Key Icon Reference Chart
• Instructional Video DVD
• Horizon Link Suite CD-ROM (with installation guide)
• Semi-hard Fabric Machine Cover
• Detachable Embroidery Unit in own case
• Janome Branded Accessory Case
• Custom Clear Extension Table

1 x 1835 Design CD PN 253407001 $399
6 x FREE JANOME APPS (AcuDesign, AcuEdit,
AcuMonitor, ScreenSaverTool, AcuSetter & AcuSketch)

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2 Sewing Quilting Embroidery Machine

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2 Sewing Quilting Embroidery Machine

Horizon Memory Craft 15000 or MC15000 Version 2.0 now has more features so that you can explore your creativity. With ten stitches, as well as an improvement to the factor Zig Zag attribute.

New Features!

NEW Sewing Features

  • •510 Built-in stitches - 10 new stitches
  • •Addition of a maximum stitch width limit function for variable Zig Zag stitch
  • •New spool cap to accommodate larger threads

NEW Embroidery Features

  • •    Stitch number selection feature
  •   •  Import and read .DST format
  •   •  Import embroidery designs from App, Dropbox, Etc.
  •   •  Corner layout function for embroidery designs is now available
  •   •  One Touch Monochrome Feature - Easily convert a multi-color design to single color

Other NEW Features

  •  •   Wi-Fi Certification
  •  •   Horizon Link Suite - Remove locking stitch (For linking the specific stippling parts only)
  •   •  Screen saver app
  •   •  Addition of function for direct input of stitch numbers
  •  •   New opening screen design
  •  •   Function to now go from Warning screen directly to lock mode

New Embroidery App
The AcuDesign App is now included with the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 v2.0

  • •    Import, export and edit embroidery design files
  •   •  500 included embroidery designs
  • •    Scale your designs, change thread colors, fabric type and automatically adjust the density of embroidery designs.
  •  •   Preview designs in Photorealistic preview and stitching simulation to ensure perfection every time. Share your designs with your friends on Facebook with one click.

•iPad® Connection

This is Actually the Memory Craft that can use the wireless Net Connection on your home to communicate with your iPad® via two included programs, in addition to directly to your laptop or PC.

Connects Wirelessly To Your iPadLaptop, ® & PC Via the Wireless Connection of Your Home

Your Machine is designed to work with your tech apparatus without Needing to hook up a bunch of cables. Wireless connectivity into your notebook and via the AcuEdit ™ apps and acuMonitor ™ included with purchase, to your iPad®.

•AcuEdit™ Embroidery Layout iPad® App

Produce complete embroidery designs on your own iPad®. Pick any of the five hoops. Copy, cut, paste, resize and transfer design elements if you were in your own machine, just as you would.

Create Design Layouts With The AcuEdit™ Program

It's Like opening the touch screen up on your. This program utilizes the comprehensive MC15000 V2 embroidery editing suite. Functions include: Vertical reverse Move Enlarge/Reduce image, Centering, Cornering, Copy and Paste, monogramming tools, and much more. Users can import designs and send the layout when it's ready to be stitched out back.

AcuEdit™ is user friendly and yet powerful enough to create complex design layouts.

•AcuMonitor™ Embroidery Monitoring

Monitor your V2 while it stitches Your Embroidery out Design--from any room in the house. All you need is your and your home network.

Assess Embroidery Progress With The AcuMonitor™ Program

While Your MC15000 V2 keep tabs on out the loaf and is embroidering away on your sewing room, choose your iPad. AcuMonitor™ is your app designed to monitor your machine with your home network. You may use it to check embroidery progress, check your machine's status, and view a list of all thread colors for the design that is being embroidered.

Both apps are free to download through The Apple App Store and require an iPad® running iOS 6.0 or later. If you have an iPad® with all these specs, then you are invited to test drive the programs. To try it, start the App Store in your iPad®. Look for Janome. Find AcuMonitor ™ apps and the AcuEdit ™ and install them.

To try Out the editing features on the AcuEdit™ on an iPad®, open the program and tap down on the blossom icon in the screen's corner. Tap . Tap Done and the sample design will be imported into the display. The application box icon to open up the editing tools. To test the lettering out, tap the telling icon at the main screen's lower left corner.

To preview the Functionality on an, launch the app and tap on the Gears icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Turn on Demo Mode And press. You'll be able to see exactly what it looks like to monitor an Embroidery stitch out.

•Largest Touch Screen

The touch screen on the MC15000 V2 measures 9″ diagonally with over twice the resolution of the preceding version. Angled to be simple to see, it could display 65,536 colors.

Among the factors for the bigger, higher resolution display is to create your onscreen editing as effortless as possible. Using the stylus or your finger, you can immediately create embroidery designs. All of your normal editing tools are included--like Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Rotate, etc.. Tools innovative like Cornering, Centering, Letter Spacing & Arcing, and Color Sorting your thread colors for thread changes.
You can now create much Bigger, more embroidery in a layout layout that is single. Import and combine designs.

Divided Into 15 categories, the designs have been optimized for to be used in building a design or the five embroidery decoration. Pick from Sashiko Redwork, Home Décor, Holiday, Tulle Lace, Border Designs, Cross Stitch Designs & Alphabet Designs, and many more.

It's easy to import layouts into the MC15000 V2, however it comes With so many layouts, you won't need to go hunting elsewhere for the best one. The designs have been optimized for the five wicker decoration in building a layout or to be used as components. Choose from Sashiko Redwork, Home Décor, Holiday, Tulle Lace, Border Designs, Cross Stitch Designs & Alphabet, Quilting Designs, and many more.

From The Giga Hoop to the smallest Free Arm Hoop, they are each designed for a specific application. The collection includes 3 square decoration.
•New Level Of Stitch Quality

The Stitches are made by horizon Memory Craft 15000 V2. Whether you are doing free motion quilting embroidery, or an elaborate decorative stitch, you're going to get quality effects.

Janome Memory Craft embroidery machines have set the standard for embroidery. And the device around the MC15000 V2 takes this heritage further. The unit utilizes three Linear Motion Guides with five ball bearing blocks to provide an embroidery movement that is accurate and extremely stable. The result is.

Created using technology developed For high precision industrial robots, the embroidery mechanism motion is accurate to within hundredths of an inch. Nevertheless it is dependable and so secure, it comes with a 25 year warranty against failure. And you'll be able to leave it on if you're performing your sewing.
HighLight Illumination & AcuView Magnifiers

•HighLight Illumination & AcuView Magnifiers

Your Designs can be imported by Machine directly. It's not necessary to connect your pc simply to move designs. Take advantage of your PC or notebook to discover a design or even a design you need to use. Save it. Plug it. Open with the layout tools that are on-screen, and you are all set. It is that easy.
•New Automatic Threader

The MC15000 V2 comes with an improved needle threader which makes it"no-hands". Run your thread quickly then simply push a button. The machine catches the tail and finishes the job. You will love this new design with every thread shift.
•Quick Change Needle Plates

A Straight stitch needle plate with its needle hole makes a difference for sewing material that is light, piecing quilts, or doing embroidery. You are able to switch between needle plates in seconds with no screwdriver.
•AcuFil™ Stippling From The Hoop

Input your Quilt dimensions into the AcuFil™ Calculator and also the MC15000 V2 calculates and lays automatic stippling to absolutely cover your entire quilt top.

The preceding Top-of-the-line Memory Craft needed a computer processor that is fast. This one is fast. Youmanipulate layout layouts and'll really see the difference when you import designs.

The MC15000 V2 includes a new Internal chip that as fast as its predecessor. You will observe onscreen changes happen more quickly, particularly in tasks like embroidery design moves. This means you can open layouts into your screen 30% quicker from the drive. Save designs to your drive. And import designs from your drive into your display.

•AcuFeed Flex™ Fabric Feeding System

Quilt Through layers with flawless precision. When you're not using it and it is simple to detach AcuFeed Flex ™ from the machine.

No Matter large tech your machine, you want this basic job to be as simple as possible. The MC15000 has an needle threader that makes it truly hands free. Push a button, and the machine does the rest. You'll love this layout with every ribbon shift.

At Just 3.9″ x 1.6″ the miniature Free Arm Hoop allows you to place embroidery on pockets, cuffs, and collars without even having to take the item apart.
500 Stitches, Most 9 Millimeter Wide

The Most sewing and decorative stitches Craft. Pick from more, and much Heirloom, Appliqué, Satin Decorative Utility. Most are 9 mm broad. Plus, 13 buttonholes for each type of application.

Connect your PC To your V2 to perform operation and embroidery design layouts, mixing stitches, making perfect stippling from the hoop across your quilt, creating your stitches, plus much more.

Design Embroidery & Stitches On Your PC With The Powerful New Horizon Link™ Suite Software

The Horizon Link™ Suite Software includes: The EmbLink Tool for layout and remote operation of MC15000 V2, PatternCombo Tool for combining stitches, for producing, AcuFil Tool Stippling for creating your stitches StitchComposer, from the hoop, ScreenSaver Tool to create your own custom screen saver over the MC15000 V2, and much more.

Standard Accessories
  • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot O
  • 1/4" Seam Foot Without Guide
  • AcuFeed Flex™ 1/4 Inch Seam Foot (Twin)
  • AcuFeed Flex™ Dual Feed Holder with AD Foot
  • AcuFeed Flex™ Holder and Foot (Single)
  • AcuFeed Zipper Foot (Single)
  • AcuGuide Cloth Guide
  • AcuView Magnifier Holder with 20x 40x 60x Lenses
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot R with Stabilizer Plate
  • Blind Hem Foot G
  • Bobbin (specialized)
  • Bobbin Holder for Embroidery (High Tension)
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot with Stabilizer
  • Concealed Zipper Foot Z
  • Darning Foot
  • Ditch quilting Foot
  • Embroidery Foot
  • Embroidery Hoop FA10
  • Embroidery Hoop GR (300mm x 230mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop SQ14 (140mm x 140mm)
  • Embroidery Hoop SQ23 ( 230mm x 230mm)
  • Extra Large Foot Controller
  • Free Motion Quilting Open Toe Foot QO
  • Free Motion Quilting Zig-Zag Foot
  • HMC 15000 Accessory Case
  • HP Plate and Foot Set
  • Knee Lifter
  • Needle Set
  • Open Toe Darning Foot 9mm
  • AcuFeed Open Toe Foot
  • Protective Sheet
  • Rolled Hem Foot
  • Ruler Work Foot QR
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • Straight Stitch Foot
  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate
  • Variable Zig-Zag Open Toe Foot
  • Zig-Zag Foot
  • Zipper Foot E
Optional Accessories
  • Hard Rolling Case
  • 3-way Cording Foot
  • AcuFeed HP2 Foot
  • AcuFeed Straight Stitch Foot
  • Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Kit
  • Applique Foot
  • Beading Foot Narrow
  • Beading Foot Wide
  • Binder Foot
  • Blue Tip Needles
  • Bobbin Holder for free motion quilting
  • Bobbins
  • Border Guide Foot
  • Circular Sewing Attachment
  • Clear View 1/4 Seam Foot 9mm
  • Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set
  • Clothsetter
  • Ditch Quilting Foot for AcuFeed Flex™
  • Edge Guide Foot
  • Embroidery Couching Foot
  • Free Motion Couching Foot
  • Free Motion Quilting Closed Toe Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Hat Hoop
  • Horizontal Spool Holder
  • Long Quilting Guide Bar Set
  • Needles
  • Overedge Foot M
  • Pink and White Pincushion
  • Pintucking Cord Guide
  • Pintucking Foot Narrow
  • Pintucking Foot Wide
  • Piping Foot
  • Purple Tip Needle
  • Quilt Binder Set
  • RE18 Hoop
  • Ready-to-Quilt Training Panels by PatternJam
  • Red Tip needle
  • Remote Thread Cutter Switch
  • Ribbon / Sequin Foot
  • Ribbon Sewing Guide
  • Ruffler
  • Ruler Work Kit
  • 9 Piece Scissor Kit
  • Seam Ripper
  • Sliding Guide Foot 9mm
  • Spool Stand (2 threads)
  • Spool Stand (2 Threads)
  • Spool Stand (5 Threads)
  • Taping Guide Foot 9mm
  • UltraGlide Foot
  • Ultraglide needle plate and Foot set

Get an in-depth look into the features of the Quilt Maker MC15000

Click here to access the Horizon Quilt Maker MC15000 New Owner Lesson. 

Click here to access the MC15000 iPad Wireless Configuration Setup.

Click here to learn more about the Janome embroidery formats.  

Click here to get started with Stitch Composer.

Click here for the Stitch Composer Loop lesson.

> Download Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 Manual

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