Multi-needle vs Single-needle Embroidery Machines

December 19, 2019

As embroidery slowly began finding its way to the hearts of more and more sewing enthusiasts and craft lovers, the market of embroidery machines became ever so vast, with so many options for any potential customers. In the past, an embroidery enthusiast’s choices when it comes to buying an embroidery machine were quite limited.

Nowadays, on the other hand, they get to choose among so many manufacturing brands and various models with modern features. Not only that but today you can purchase a single needle machine as well as a multi-needle machine, a model that could be found only in factories a while ago.

But what is the difference between those two? Is the multi-needle model superior in every way, or is there more to it? Time to find out.

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Single head, single needle machine


This kind of embroidery machine looks a lot like a regular sewing machine. It has a flat bet bottom and a removable embroidery unit. Smart versions of these machines have an integrated computer that allows you to use them to create decorative stitches, utility stitches, or to make computerized embroidery.

A single head single needle embroidery machine has only one head, obviously, and that head consists of a needle, thread, and bobbin, along with some other metal parts. As the machine works, its needle does not move while the embroidery arm does, by the instructions the user has programmed.

This machine has one point of hoop attachment, and its hoop capabilities are smaller than those of a multi-needle multi-head model.


Since this machine is computerized, it is relatively beginner-friendly. People who know their way around the computer will figure out how to use them properly pretty fast. By getting adequate embroidery software, you will be able to create, customize, and merge designs in a very short time.

You can find this kind of embroidery machine easily online or at your local sewing machine dealer because they are widely available on the market.


This is not an industrial type of embroidery machine which a single head multi-needle pretty much is. In other words, you won’t be able to finish embroidering extremely fast, and you won’t be as efficient in your work. One embroidery sample at a time is what you can expect from it because you have to change threads whenever needed manually. If you wish to add an embroidery design to something like a pants pocket, you will first need to remove to pocket from the pants. Otherwise, the entire thing wouldn’t fit in the machine due to its hoop and work area size.

Single head, multi-needle Embroidery machine

With four to ten needles, this type of embroidery machine offers much more than its single needle counterpart. Each one of those needles holds one thread, which means you can use four to ten differently colored threads at once. The fact that you don’t have to manually replace a thread each time you want to use a different color makes your work much simpler and a whole lot faster.


A single head multi-needle embroidery machine is more precise, fast, efficient, and more capable than the single needle type. Its larger hoop possibilities allow you to apply embroidery to pockets without having to remove them from clothes or accessories. You can even convert it to a hats embroidery machine with the help of a special frame so you can use it to embroider hats and caps.


The only downside to these machines is their price tag. They are a bit expensive, but that’s not surprising since their capabilities are so impressive. They are also just a tad more complex to use, but it’s nothing to worry about, you can quickly get accustomed to them.

I hope you liked the article. Which one will be your choice, single needle, or multi-needle model? Have fun, embroidering!

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