How to Use a Mini Electric Sewing Machine

December 11, 2019
Mini Electric Sewing Machine

A mini sewing machine is actually the small structure of a normal daily life sewing machine. It works as well as the regular sized machine with the facility of portability, due to its lightweight and small size, and affordable price.

But many don’t know how to use a mini electric sewing machine. So we are here to guide you about how to use it with safety step by step. Let’s start

How to Use a Mini Electric Sewing Machine:

Step 1 – First of all, locate your mini sewing machine in a flat and stable working place. Insert the power cord into the machine. Plug the power cord into a nearby electrical outlet.

Now connect the foot pedal to your mini machine by inserting the port exactly where it is designated.

Step 2 – Place a spool of thread onto the threaded spindle that is located on the side or top of your machine. The exact location of the threaded spindle may vary by manufacturers.

Step  3 – Take the end of your thread and insert it in the hole of your bobbin spool. The end of the thread should now be coming out of the top of the bobbin.

Step 4 – Put the bobbin into the right place of bobbin winder in your sewing machine. Make sure the bobbin holder is located near the thread holder that is bearing your spool of thread. Use one hand to hold the thread that is coming from the top of the bobbin.

Step 5 – Press the power switch to turn on your sewing machine. While you are holding the bobbin thread in hand, press on the foot pedal of your sewing machine. As a result, the bobbin will be threaded by itself using the spindle’s thread.

Step 6 – Continue to thread the bobbin until it has enough threads to complete your tasks.

Step 7 – Use scissors to cut the thread that is connecting the bobbin to the spool of thread. Remove the bobbin from the winder.

Step 8 – Insert the bobbin that you’ve threaded just now into the bobbin holder. The exact location of the bobbin holder of your machine will vary by manufacturers.

Step 9 – Thread your sewing machine. Well, this step differs in different sewing machines, but you can guide the thread on its way by pinching out its end. All you have to do is to pass your thread through the holes or hooks of your sewing machine.

Step 10 – Start pressing the pedal of your sewing machine, so the thread of the spindle is intertwined with the thread from the bobbin.

Step 11 – Put your clothes under the needle of your sewing machine. To start sewing now press the pedal of the sewing machine.

Step 12 – When your stitching work is done, stop pressing the foot pedal. Now cut the remaining thread from your cloth. At last, turn off and store the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Safety Matters:

#1 – Make sure to switch off the machine when your work is done.

#2 – When you are going to change the needle, always remember to turn off the power supply to keep yourself safe.

#3 – If you find any torn or frayed in the power cord, you should not use it. It may damage the machine or even harm you.

#4 – Keep your machine far from water. Splash of water can damage your mini sewing machine
#5 – Finally a machine is a tool that can be dangerous for a kid or a mentally sick person. So try to keep it away from your children, or mental patient.

Video Tutorial Use a Mini Electric Sewing Machine

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