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The best multi-needle embroidery machine For Your Embroidery Business

December 5, 2019
multi-needle embroidery machine

Time and Money are every entrepreneur’s biggest concern, more so if you are running an embroidery business. Problems always arise when there are gaps in supply. You, therefore, end up having high demand and low supply, which is why multi-needle embroidery is the perfect solution for your embroidery business.

Therefore, the most significant benefit is that you can produce multi-colored products quickly and easily, also in large amounts, thus obliterating the gaps in supply. In addition, the multi-needle technology lets you use several sewing needles in one head; this, therefore, depends on the type of machine that you choose, as different machines contain varied numbers of needles that can run up to 16 needles.

What is a multi-needle embroidery machine?

multi-needle embroiderymachine

A multi-needle embroidery is a machine that can dispense multi-colored threads, thus enabling you to create patterns or pictures that comprise sewn stitches on a cloth. Each of the numerous needles has a corresponding thread cone with a unique color.

What is the difference between multi-needle embroidery machines vs. Single Needles?

The significant difference between a multi-needle embroidery machine and a single needle is that the former gives you the option of numerous colors. In contrast, the single needle can only accommodate one color. In addition, a multi-needle embroidery machine can contain different needle sizes, which are essential in coming up with quality embroidery on a variety of fabrics.

Different needles are used for different types of cloth; for example, we have the ballpoint needles and the sharp-pointed needles. Ballpoint works best on knit fabrics such as sweaters, whereas the sharp-pointed needles work well on denim, or leather among other fabrics.

The small size needles are commonly used for small embroidery lettering, while large needles are used for tough materials such as denim. This is because they don’t break easily in the middle of sewing.

All the above needles can be found in a multi-needle embroidery machine. Still, for the Single Needle embroidery machine, you will have to keep switching the different types of needles and threads that you want to use, which consumes a lot of time, more so in a business setting. Now that we know what a multi-needle embroidery machine is let us sample some of the best you can use for your business.

This is the best multi-needle embroidery machine for Your Embroidery Business.

1. Babylock valiant ($2,999.50)


The baby lock valiant is guaranteed to bring out your innovative spirit in design; the embroidery machine is equipped with easy-to-use but functional features. You get to interact with a 10.1 Truview IPS TFT LCD screen, for starters, and here you have over a 16million colors to choose from.

The interface will perform several vital functions, some of which will enhance creativity; for example, you could use the Mpeg-4 movie or video function to develop more unique patterns.

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And in case you are having problems viewing the images, you have the option of magnifying the designs up to 200%, which will also help you spot a design flaw and rectify it before stitching. The multi-needle embroidery machine has also incorporated a Needle cam, the digital camera that lets you accurately position the needle and gives you a close view of where accurately it will hit.

An exciting feature in the machine is the led spool stand light, which ensures that your colors are well-coordinated and will alert you if the spool needs changing. What’s more, the push button enables an easy change of thread, and if you have your unique designs, you can import them via the USB port; the machine also comes with four embroidery hoops.

2. Babylock Intrepid ($5,999.40)


With Babylock Intrepid, you get a large interactive LCD touch screen in HD, and just like the valiant, you will access up to 16million colors. In addition, the large touch screen facilitates ease in operation during design editing or when you want to change your machine settings. You also get four hoops that will help in understanding different jobs done.

The machine has also incorporated a needle beam that will help to effectively place the needle and know where the embroidery will begin from. An embroidery area is provided with up to 86 embroidery designs, and the number of needles provided is six, thus six different colors, so you don’t have to keep switching needles.

Once you have come up with a design and need to edit it, the  LCD screen enables you to combine, resize, reposition, or even mirror the designs to suit your client’s needs. And as a step up from your normal embroidery machines, you get up to 37 fonts, including Greek letters and floral alphabets.

The speed of the intrepid is 1000 stitches per minute with two USB ports and a card slot, so quickly easily transfer your designs to the machine and stitch them out.

3. Brother PR1050X ($9,799.30)



The Brother PR1050X is a professional embroidery machine that will stitch for you over eight different colors by utilizing a needle at a time. Transfer of images has been enabled via USB, and you also get a memory card slot to help in the storage of designs. One downside, however, is that the machine cannot stitch directly from design files such as the ART or the EMB.

With the PR1050X from Brother, you get to stitch on caps, jackets, and polos with the provided 140 designs. Even more impressive is that you can incorporate the upper and lower case letters. And to make them more appealing, you could rotate, tilt, curve or slant them; the application of the above designs comes in handy when stitching on baby’s clothes and changing mats.

A big screen is provided to help customize designs, and you can color sequence the needles with regards to the colors that have already been threaded up. The Brother PR1050X rarely makes a lot of noise, and this is because of the improved gears and the thick shafts.  The machine also features a led thread indicator that will let you know which color needs to be threaded.

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Numerous frames have been provided to be used with the machine, such as the double-sided clamp frame, the sleeve arm frame, and the compact S-frame that will relieve the headache of reaching the small spaces in cuffs and the shoulder pockets. The features of the Brother PR1050X are inexhaustible, but the one that makes it stand out the most is the link capability that lets it link up to 4 machines.

4. Brother PR670E ($9,594.00)


The Brother PR670E can function both as a home or a commercial machine; setting it up and using it is pretty intuitive. Both beginners and professionals can operate the machine given the (300x200mm) embroidery area. In addition, needle placing shouldn’t be a head-scratcher because it has incorporated an LED pointer.

Things like caps, hand sleeves, trouser legs, and tote bags can be a headache to embroider unless you have been provided with a cylinder arm.

The Brother PR670E makes your work easier when stitching the caps as it features a cylindrical arm, and newbies can also access up to 17 tutorial guides to help during the stitching sessions.

The 10.1 high-resolution LCD touch screen enables users to preview their designs, and the working area also gets sufficient lighting via the built-in LED lights. In addition, a couple of fonts have been provided that will enable you to customize your text styles. Embroidery frames are also available to handle different tasks effectively.

5. BERNINA E 16 ($9,599.40)


The Bernina E 16, unlike the other multi-needle embroidery machines, you are assured of making the most uniquely designed caps with higher return potential. In addition, users will be provided with up to 16 needles for starters, which means jobs will be done smoothly and completed on time.

Large projects should not be shunned as you are provided with a wide enough embroidery field; the Bernina can also handle the small projects that might have you opening seams to reconstruct. Therefore, the cylindrical arm will accommodate the slide baby items, tote bags, t-shirts, and pockets.  Incorporated is a laser alignment feature that ensures you have placed the designs accurately.

Lastly, we have the Bernina Embroidery software, which you can use to edit existing designs, create custom monograms, or digitize your designs.


6. Janome MB-7 ($4,543.00)

Janome MB-7

Apart from the large intuitive LCD interface, Janome will only give you 800 stitches per minute, a little less than most machines in the embroidery industry. It is, however, a professional machine as it enables you to use the .jef+, .jfe, and the .dst.

For monogramming, you will get up to 10 fonts and over 45 in-built embroidery designs. For those who have their own unique designs and would want to import them to the machine, you have been provided with a USB port that you can use to connect to an external device.

Janome MB-7 INCLUDES 7 NEEDLE HEADS. With more needles, more threads can be set at one time. Therefore, the time required for thread exchange is reduced, and work efficiency is improved.



7. Janome MB-4s ($3,899.35)


The Janome MB-4s comes with four needles, and it features a remote computer that will save you the trouble of powering many machines, which means you wouldn’t have to add other controllers.

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Stitching has also been made easy with the LED lighting; you can thus be sure of accurate results, and when stitching letters, the threads are cut automatically to save uptime.

It would be best if you stopped looking for another multi-needle embroidery machine because of the ability of the Janome MB-4s to wind a new bobbin while you are stitching a design.

Upon purchase though not mandatory, you will only be able to get these extras concerning the stock in hand, such as a lettering hoop holder; a hat hoop comes as a bonus and may be substituted.

Bonus Bundle Includes MB-4 Extension Table, Artistic Monogram Software, J6 #2 Lettering Hoop, Hoop Holder & a 5 Year Nationwide Extended Warranty, Magna Hoop QUICK-SNAP, Fast Frames X-Change 7 in 1 Embroidery Hoops, Durkee Fast EZ Frame Set, Magna-Quilter for Quick-Snap, and 7 Sets Fast Frames Embroidery Hoops.

8. Melco Bravo ($7,200.00)

Melco Bravo

With this machine, you will spend more time sewing because you will utilize up to 16 colors via the 16 needles. In addition, the machine has the capability of stitching up to 1100 stitches per minute, and users are also provided with optional cap hoops complete with a 270degrees sew field. And for your clients interested in home décor or jacket backstitching, the 16’ x 16’ square hoop will do the magic.

Before stitching, you can register your designs using the laser alignment feature. You don’t have to worry about design loading because the operating system will enable you effortless design loading. The multi-needle embroidery machine is compatible with both the commercial and home file formats, and the number of lettering fonts provided is 84 but can still be edited.

Installing the Melco does not involve a steep learning curve, but a technician can be recommended to help you set up your device. And for you to learn how to use their software, you could access webinar training, or you can call or email for assistance. Upon purchase, you will get a starter kit that includes different size hoops, a jacket back hoop, a cross-over Ethernet cable of 25, and a power cord.

Other items that you might not have included in your budget can be sold at a discount, such as the cap frames, cap driver, and pocket hoop. Remember, this is about the vendor that you are purchasing from.

Where to buy a multi-needle embroidery machine?

Knowing the features of different machines will enable you to decide based on your needs and wants. But knowing where to buy will either give you value for money or have you scouting for a new machine in a few months because the possibilities of purchasing a knock-off are authentic. To this end, visit Yazirwan Sewing on an excellent quality multi-needle embroidery machine that will take the guesswork out of the stitching.


The good thing with some of the embroidery machines is that they come with tutorials, so both newbies and professionals don’t have to fumble or break the needles while trying out new designs. A multi-needle embroidery machine will also have you bridge the gap between supply and demand as you cash in. All the above machines work correctly, and you only have to choose one that resonates with our needs and budget.

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