Top Tips if you want to Start an Embroidery Business from Home

May 30, 2019
Embroidery Business from Home

Embroidery Business from Home is fun. There has never been a more exciting time in the history of embroidery. The art of embroidery is at least two thousand and five hundred years old. It has evolved in myriad ways. From the simplest of stitches to grandeur, novelty to utility, exquisiteness to affordability, embroidery has undergone many transformations. The reason why this is the most exciting time for embroidery is the sheer possibility of what you can do.

The art and science of embroidery have always limited to materials that applied. That is not the case today as there is no shortage of supplies, and the scope of embroidery is not even limited to the imagination of a designer or artist. Ancient embroidery made use of animal pelts, bones, and ligaments. Fabrics became common in due course of time.

Embroidery has always been a part of many cultures around the world, but it became a sign of wealth and prosperity during the eighteenth century. Subsequently, embroidery became expensive and increasingly popular among the elite. There was a time when handmade embroidery was unaffordable for the masses.

The twenty-first century has been quintessentially important for embroiderers as now designers can rely on computerized embroidery. One does not need a large setup or a lot of capital to start an embroidery business. Computerized and machine embroidery has empowered all aspiring entrepreneurs. You can start an embroidery business from home and become truly independent, financially, and artistically.

Realities of Starting an Embroidery Business from Home

If you are at all wondering or second-guessing your resolve to start an embroidery business from home, then these realities will help you to come to a firm and irrefutable conclusion. State of the art embroidery machines is compact, lightweight, efficient, and safe. It is imperative that you start small to keep the investment in check.

You would also need some time before your business begins to flourish, which is when you need larger machines and more space. Single head embroidery machines these days are around two to three feet by two to three feet. You can practically set up this machine anywhere in your house without moving anything. There is no spatial challenge.

The machine aside, the cost of supplies is reasonable. You do not need a considerable investment to get started. Embroidery thread, say a five thousand meter cone, will cost you less than seven dollars. You would not be running out of it anytime soon unless your business gets off to a flying start.

You will need other supplies such as backings, patch materials, needles, and toppings, but they are also relatively inexpensive. An embroidery business from home is not a messy affair. Since you would be using computerized and machine embroidery, you do not have to deal with long strings of piled and messed up threads or other supplies.

Embroidery is appreciated and practical art. There is no shortage of customers. You can choose your target audience, depending on the type of creativity you wish to explore. Fuel your creativity, sell as many or as few you want and gain financial independence.

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You do not need any staff initially, so another overhead cost is avoided. A small embroidery business from home does not require any extensive inspection or licensing. It is not one of those businesses that involve the use of industrial chemicals or other hazardous substances and risky apparatus.

The modern embroidery technologies have been proven to be effective. You can scale up or down depending on demand. Many business models have also shown to be rewarding. You do not need to experiment with any strategy. Just go with a tried and tested modus operandi, and you will create a profitable enterprise.

Learn Computerized Embroidery


Computerized or digital embroidery is the best option. If you are unfamiliar with digital or computerized embroidery, you should train yourself and practice your skills. Handmade embroidery will always remain relevant, and it would be a treasured skill.

However, it is not necessarily a good idea if you want to run a business and that too on your own. There is only so much you can do alone. If you need scalability, digital embroidery is the way to go. If you want accuracy, authentic reproduction of the same design time and again, the efficiency of production and bulk deals, then machine embroidery is the only way.

Create your designs, seek inspiration from various sources, and come up with your versions or buy models if you like them and want to use them as many are available for licensing with computerized embroidery. The pattern or the plan will set as a program, and the machine would do the rest.

You should choose a device that is compatible with the kinds of material you wish to use. Not everyone wants to stay limited to the thread. A commercial embroidery machine will be more massive, and it would demand more space, but it will also be compatible with different types of needles and help you to venture into various productions.

Computerized embroidery is not a daunting challenge. You are considering an embroidery business from home because you are a creative person, you enjoy designing, and you have a passion. Taking the digital route is only a matter of being familiar with a new system.

You can create your design and save them as a file. This is often referred to as puncher. You will come across source formats that can be edited efficiently using the same software that helped to create the design in the first place. You will also deal with machine formats that are difficult to adapt because they are specifically for a brand or type of embroidery machine. You may want to work with both these types of design.

Brother Embroidery Machine design files or punchers usually have the original art, the object outlines, and the thread colors. Design files are typically compatible with specific machines, but there are conversion tools available.

You can create your design or choose one and then make changes including move, rotate, scale, split, stretch, crop, distort, duplicate, change color, add text, remove or add specific stitches. You can use a disc, flash drive, or other compatible connection to transfer or load the file onto the embroidery machine.

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Ensure the fabric is stable, so there are no wrinkles. Get accustomed to the specific instructions of the machine and start embroidering. Most embroidery machines that are meant to be used at home, which are the ones you will consider, require human intervention and you will have to change threads or the thread color manually, facilitate cut jumps and other intricacies in the pattern or design.

Choose a Niche

embroidery-business-nicheUnless you are starting with a team of designers and staff, you must choose a niche. You can do your market research, assess your skills vis-à-vis the demands of the target audience and the competition that already is meeting those needs, develop a specialization, and become a leader in that niche.

You may start with something as simple and easy as monograms. A monogram is the initials of a person, stylishly designed and embroidered on their apparel and accessories. You may also go for complicated embroidering if that is your true calling. The market conditions should influence your decision but not at the cost of what you wish to do. Starting an embroidery business from home is not just about money but also what you want to do.

Get the Numbers Right

Deft designers with an entrepreneurial spirit will do well with an embroidery business from home. Their talent, skill, and passion would overcome all common and uncommon odds. The only thing that may come in the way is numbers. While you have absolute freedom to choose the hours you wish to work, how many orders you will take at a time and if you will diversify into different kinds of embroidery, you have to be meticulous with your finances.

Choose budgets you can safely afford. Do not have supplies lie unused for months. Do not run out of supplies either. Choose prices that work for you, for the buyer and the market. Many startups choose little amounts to enter the market and capture a substantial share. Do not set prices that would make your business unviable.

Infrastructure and Employee

Infrastructure-and-EmployeeYou may or may not need an employee. If you have enough time at your disposal and you are familiar with business registration, accounting, taxes, marketing and sales, website development, and customer service, then you can do everything on your own.

Realistically, you will need some help. You can get this help from your family or friends. You may hire an accountant or business manager. You may employ an assistant who would lend a helping hand in everything you do.

Plan your infrastructure properly. Read about all the embroidery machines that are relevant to the type of business you wish to start. Read books in this category, attend trade shows if you want, be a part of associations that will help you to learn more and then decide the best embroidery machine to get started.

You have the option to buy a used machine too. Do not worry about buying the most state of the art machine when you are starting your embroidery business from home. You can always upgrade when your business starts to do well. Most manufacturers will offer a trade-in option, and you can exchange the old or entry-level device for a more advanced one at a substantial markdown price.

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You will need computer software, needles, hoops, threads, stabilizers, and a stock of embroidery designs. You may already have an inventory of models to get started. The embroidery machine you choose can cost as low as two hundred dollars or as much as three thousand dollars. You are perhaps not considering commercial machines at the start. These cost around ten thousand dollars and upwards. The computer software, needles, hoops, threads, and stabilizers would not cost much.

Plan a Solid Start

Plan-a-Solid-StartHow you launch your business is crucial. Many people think they can make a quiet entry, mark their presence in the neighborhood or among known social circles, and then venture out to the significant competitive world.

This is a strategy that works for many. Others prefer to make some noise when they launch. You can go for a targeted campaign to ensure a solid start. For instance, you may focus the local sports teams so you get a sizeable market and them wearing your embroidered athletic apparel would instantly spread the word.

You can target pet owners. They would love embroidered items for their pets, even if the apparel or accessory has a monogram. You may go for corporate apparel. You can target interior décor. You may also target niches such as baby showers, weddings, family reunions, or graduations. Any strategy that will get you a ready target market and will get you exposure is a solid start.

Establish Reliability to Ensure Viability

You will speak with your friends, tell your neighbors and deploy the entire army of family members and relatives to spread the word. Referrals are the bedrock of most home-based and operated businesses. You should never downplay the importance of referrals.

It is quite possible referrals alone would get you to a point where your business becomes viable, not just for now but for the long term. What you will need to ensure this kind of viability is reliability. You must establish your business as reliable, not just in regards to the quality of embroidery but if you can deliver on time, if you are honoring your commitments and if you are providing the necessary support that customers need.


You can write a Blog at your Website to get a comment about your work. Some customers may need more information about specific designs, some may request personalization, and some may have issues with the final product. You must be able to deal with these inevitabilities.

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