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The Right Answer To ‘What Sewing Machine Should I Buy’

November 13, 2019
Sewing Machine Should I Buy

What sewing machine should I buy? Are you stuck in a myriad of such questions? Buying a sewing machine is easy, but buying the right one suited for your purposes can be confusing. There are many types of sewing machines in the market, from basic ones to modern machines. So, where buy a sewing machine? The answer to your question of what sewing machine should I buy lies in factors such as skill level, needs, and budget.

Here are the 5 points you should look when you think, “Sewing Machine Should I Buy”:

1.The purpose

Are you looking at sewing as a hobby, or are you a professional sewer? This is the most crucial point in deciding which kind of sewing machine you wish to buy.

2. The types

The main types available are mechanical, embroidery, computerized, and overlockers. The basic machines are the automatic sewing machines and are best for beginners and who sew occasionally. Electronic machines are for advanced sewers and can provide hundreds of different stitches. The embroidery machines are suitable for what else, embroidery!

The computerized models are the best ones for professionals, and they come with exciting and automatic features such as touch control panel, memory functions, mirror-imaging, and more. Overlockers are mainly used for hems and seams, but they also have decorative stitch options. At the same time, beginners can also benefit from advanced machines.

Features: Look for good ergonomics first because if you aren’t comfortable using it, then there is no point in buying even the most expensive ones. The foot pedal should have the right pressure, and the controls should be easy to navigate. Other features to look for are the buttonholer, needle threader, stitches, sewing bed, feed dog or the metal teeth, needle plate, etc.

3. The budget

Depending upon the budget, you can either settle for a beginner’s sewing machine or get a high-end machine. Do not settle for very cheap ones as they wouldn’t even last a month. So, choose the best that is available at your price.

Number of stitches: You will get machines that come with ten stitches to ones with more than 300 as well. The basic stitches your sewing machine should have are the straight stitch and the zigzag stitch. The question you need to ask is whether you will need hundreds of stitches or just the basic ones will do.

4. The frequency of use

If you are a beginner or if you are only interested in using the sewing machine only for mending your clothes, then it is best to get a basic machine. On the other hand, if you are doing a lot of DIY projects or have taken up sewing as a profession, then t is a good idea to invest in a high-end machine that will help you add more spark to your work.

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Extra attachments: These days, sewing machines either have standard accessories or the additional ones which you can buy. Find more about the attachments available but get them only if you are going to use them for your projects. You need to find where to buy a sewing machine that will have these attachments.

5. The space available

Either you should have a functional space for your new sewing machine, or you should be able to make a place for it. Decide on the size of the machine after considering the area you can allocate for it. You may have liked an elaborate machine, but if there is no way you can create space for it, then it is not going to be very purposeful, remember that.

Noise: The sound of the sewing machine is also a factor considered when buying a sewing machine. Too much noise will act as a hindrance to your work, and you may not feel like using it again. Try it once before you buy so that you can analyze if the sound is too high or low. 

Reviews of a few best sewing machines of today

  • Babylock Destiny 2

If you wish to know what the future of sewing is, then all you have to do is test the new Babylock Destiny 2 sewing machine. It is the ‘smart sewing machine’ that has impressive features to help you create awesome projects. Sewing is now smarter and easier thanks to the smart features of Babylock Destiny 2 and its Babylock IQ Technology.

Almost like a computer, the Babylock Destiny 2 comes with an automatic positioning system, built-in digitizing, and background camera. It means you can preview your design before even embroidering, and if you have an art piece, it can scan it and also turn it into a design. It can sew on its own! The 11” throat space allows you to work with all kinds of materials from a simple silk cloth to heavy canvas.

  • Key features:

TruView LCD HD Touchscreen –the largest in the market with vivid designs

IQ Designer Automatic Digitizing – convert your hand-drawn designs into digital designs

90 Embroider shapes – 30 open and 30 closed shapes

Decorative Fills – Floral, straight-line and decorative patterns

Embroidering editing – do all your resizing and grouping on the screen as the machine recalculates density automatically to give you the best stitch

Color visualizer – Random, soft, vivid or gradient, pick the ones you like or pin the ones you want

Sensor Pen – Point to your spot with the sensor pen, and you will get your stitch on the spot

Needle cam – Visualize your design first before stitching

Stadium lighting – powerful LED light to let you see finer details

Multi-function foot control and knee lift – Main pedal, heel tap, and side pedal and the knee lift to allow hands-free sewing

  • Babylock Crescendo

Referred to as the Maestro of Quilting, the Babylock Crescendo serves multiple functions. It can sew, and it can quilt! It has automatic features and is a smart sewing machine. You can wind bobbins while you are working on the machine. The threading process is quite easy with thread guides. The red laser beam helps you to carry out various sewing tasks with much more speed. The 11.25” throat space that is positioned on the right side of the needle gives you functional space to work with bulky quilts.

  • Key features:

Baby Lock IQ Technology – It is what makes Babylock Crescendo smart and efficient

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Quilting extension table – Fitted securely with the machine, you get more workspace to work on those magnificent quilts

Digital dual-feed system – It allows even feeding for the fabric even if there are multiple layers

Sensor pen – Give your machine smart instructions as to where you want the needle and the stitch and also where you want it to stop

Color LCD Touch Screen – Watch your designs and work wonders around them

Push-button – All you need is to push a button to change the needle position, thread your needle or even lower or raise the presser foot

Automatic needle threader – It just makes your work easier

  • Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic

One of the smartest, most significant, and best sewing machines available, Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic, is aimed at making sewing more efficient and more comfortable. Its appearance itself is appealing with its sleek lines. The iPad screen is pretty large to give you a more precise look at your designs.   It also has a large workspace to lend you extra room for your work. You can quilt or work with thick and large pieces of fabric now.  It also has several modern features that make your job more comfortable with the automatic process.  There are more than 1200 decorative stitches, 29 needle positions, 16 buttonholes, interchangeable dual feed, and electronic needle piercing.

  • Key features:

Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity – transfer your designs to the machine from the cloud or computer or update the software

Joy OS Advisor – Get quick help, sewing instructions, interactive tutorials and more

Tablet-like color screen – imagine your designs or what your project needs to be, the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic will turn it into reality

Larger bobbins – more space for the thread and fewer bobbin changes

USB ports – there are two

Three embroidery hoops – the largest one measures 360mmx260mm

  • Husqvarna Viking Epic 

Advanced, smart, powerful, and best, Husqvarna Viking Epic is these and more. It has intelligent technical features that make sewing and quilting faster, more accessible, and more advanced. Be it a beginner or a pro; anyone will love working with the smart sewing machine. It comes with modern features such as a display screen that works as a tablet, a huge workspace, varied stitch options, automatic needle threader, and more. The machine also comes with ergonomic features such as curved workspace, light in weight, and even the rubberized wheel.

  • Key features:

JoyOS Advisor Feature:  Get all the help you need with stitches, sewing, and techniques with interactive tutorials, quick support, user’s guide and more

mySewnet Wi-Fi – With the facility of Wi-Fi, you get a plethora of options to make your job easier with automatic updates, apps for Android and iOS and of course, also synchronization of files as and when needed

Sensory Features – The foot lift, foot pressure and foot pivot that work automatically allowing more comfort and convenience

Advanced stitches – Work with metallic or silver threads as well, and the thread portioning allows maximum thread amount for every stitch, and you also get over 1,000 stitches with 19 categories, five sewing alphabets and even patented stitches

  • Husqvarna Viking Topaz 

Do you love embroidering as much as sewing? Then, Husqvarna Viking Topaz is the machine you should use. It also has a beautiful, appealing wit bronze frame and color. The large touchscreen helps you to work digitally enhancing your projects. The extension table and the large workspace enable you to work more comfortably and work with varied fabrics. It is best for quilting work, as well.  The Husqvarna Viking Topaz is one of the best sewing machines apt for embroidering, as it comes with a sampler with many embroidery designs. You can either copy them or add your color twist.

  • Key features:

Computerized machine – You get work smartly with the machine with automatic features, tablet-like screen, internet, color touch screen, sensor system, downloadable software, and more

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Embroidery stitches – There are 159 varied stitches with free-motion sewing, and also the facility to rotate and mirror the stitches to give you more options to create exciting projects

Distinct stitching features – mirror stitching, stitch guide, stitch memory, stitch position and more

Adjustable features – You get flexible features in many sections including the needle position, the length, and width of stitches and also foot pressure

  • Janome 6600 Sewing Machine 

If you are looking for a sewing machine that offers precision as well as quality, then Janome 6600 is the machine for you. It is excellent for beginners as well as master artisans. Janome 6600 machine can be used for different projects, including appliqué work, sewing, patchwork, and also for quilting. You also get a reference guide, which also includes a threading guide with beautifully detailed graphics. They are easy to follow, which allows even novices to work well with the machine. It is also quite sturdy and strong, which makes it good enough for prolonged use.

  • Key features:

Smart features – LCD screen, start and stop button, five memory banks, memorized needle positions and more from taking your projects a notch higher

Stitches – 163 built-in stitches comprising alphabets as well, seven one-step buttonholes, recall facility for the last stitch, locking stitch button, maximum stitch length and width, stitch editing facility and more

Automatic features – Thread tension control, declutch bobbin winding, and thread cutter

Superior Feed System – Layered feeding system, 7-piece feed dog, and drop feed

Convenient features – They include snap-on presser feet, locking stitch button, speed control slider, knee lift, foot pressure adjustment, easy reverse button, and more

  • Janome memory craft 11000 Sewing Machine

A complete machine that is astonishingly compact, Janome Memory Craft 11000 offers versatility and amazing features. You can do a host of activities on the machine, including sewing, quilting, and embroidery.  You can be innovative and more precise with your work on the Janome Memory Craft 11000. It comes with 9.2” workspace, touch screen, but at the same time, it is also quite lightweight, weighing just 32 lbs. It also comes under the smart sewing machine category with several advanced technological features to help you in every step. Go ahead and do your best as the machine prods you to come up with your most exciting projects!

  • Key features:

Computerized features – LCD color touch screen, moveable i-height screen, on-screen guidance to help with sewing, USB memory key, direct PC connection, PC card, CD- ROM drive, programmable jump thread trimming, auto return on thread breakage and more

Stitching features – 358 built-in stitches, 170 built-in embroidery designs, stitch length 5 mm and width 7 mm, lock button for stitch, monogramming function, 24 stippling designs along with flexible stitch traveling

Automatic functions – an automatic cloth guide, needle threader, thread cutter, and thread tension

Advanced features –  Superior Feed System or SFS with 7-piece feed dog and drop feed, rotary hook bobbin, advanced lighting with white LEDs, twin needle guard, bobbin winding motor, free arm and start/stop button among others


You will be in a better and more confident position to buy the best sewing machine if you look at the critical factors and also read the reviews of the best machines. The question then will not be what sewing machine should I buy but where buy a sewing machine. Go ahead to and start work on your best designs and Don’t Forget Embroidery Business Plan.

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