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Used Commercial Embroidery Machines Is a Good Idea

May 31, 2019
Used Commercial Embroidery Machines

Used Commercial Embroidery Machines from Yazirwan Sewing is come with Quality, reasonable price and help embroidery startup business from home.

Are you an embroidery enthusiast who wants to develop your skills? Or are you a professional who wants to learn more designs on a used commercial embroidery machines?

The easiest way to create better designs and to learn deeper nuances and skills of embroidery is to invest in a professional embroidery machine. The new age embroidery machines are technologically advanced yet easy to use. The automatic features allow you to create designs with the help of a computer. Even the materials you work with can be diverse. With a professional embroidery machine, you will soon be able to turn your hobby into a business or expand your designing business, if you already have one.

The only problem you may encounter may be of cost. A right solution is to try a used commercial embroidery machines rather than a new one. You will be able to get an excellent tool provided you know how to find good Embroidery Machine.

Consider these factors before buying a used commercial embroidery machines:

1. Do good research

There are many brands out there selling used commercial embroidery machines. Find out about the reputed brands and compare features. Read reviews and the cost. The most important thing is to look at the features and see how much they can help you in your work.

2. Make a comparison

After your research is done, bring it down to at least three used embroidery machines. Then, compare the features, the year of its making, its age, condition, and price. Select the one that comes close to fulfilling your purpose and one that fits in your budget.

3. Purchase from reputed dealers

Sometimes, the companies themselves sell used professional embroidery machines. Buying from reputed places guarantees the right product. Even if you are buying from online sites or individuals, ensure that you pay only after getting a demonstration.

4. Advanced features

You need modern technological features for a commercial embroidery machine and hence check out components such as multiple needles, automatic functions, multi-headed model, computerized machines, and so on. Do not settle on any device that does not come with advanced features.

5. Understand the working

The advanced commercial tools of today come with guides and tutorials. Despite their availability, try to understand the operation and get acquainted with the different parts. As compared to a new machine, you may not be able to rush to the seller for any doubts or problems.

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6. Reputed brands are best

When you are looking for the best used professional embroidery machines, look for best-selling embroidery machine brands. Another reason to opt for branded products is that most companies come with improved versions of their previous tools from time to time. In such a case, many choose to buy the latest one. So, the previous machines will be on the market. Buying such used commercial machines is a good idea because the new ones may have only a few improvements which you may not even need at the moment. Another reason is that when you buy branded used embroidery machines, the chances are that you will be able to get replacement parts quickly.

7. Check for wear and tear

A used embroidery machine may have wear and tear; after all, it was used for some time or for a long time. You need to check if the device is in good condition. A well-maintained embroidery machine is the right choice even if it shows some wear and tears on its appearance. The parts should be working fine, especially the automatic features should be functioning correctly. For example, if the machine comes with USB ports and if they are not working, then the whole purpose of the device is lost.

Reviews of some of the best used commercial embroidery machines in the market:


  • Avance 1501C

Fast, modern, compact, and reliable, Avance 1501C is a commercial embroidery sewing machine. It can be used to embroider a variety of items such as jackets, shirts, caps, hoodies, and more. All those embroidery professionals who want to further their embroidery business should look at Avance 1501. Generally, used commercial embroidery machines would not be able to function as much as Avance can do. You also get Sierra digitizing software, a variety of hoops, and even great accessories.

Key features:

Computerized functions – transfer your designs from your computer to the machine or use the USB port; the LCD color display allows easy working, the facility to preview your stitching

Stitching – 2 million stitches, embroidery area of 50 cm x35 cm, the memory of 200 designs

Speed – 1,200 SPM

LCD Screen – 4” color screen

Noise – it works quietly enabling you to be at your creative best

Size – 33“w x 30“dx 63“h

Cap features – a cap driver, two wide cap frames and a cap hooping station

Advanced functions – cap frame and single button setup

enables you to be easy and fast cap embroidery, thread break notification

Lightweight – Easy portability

  • Tajima TMBP-SC1501

An embroidery machine just right for professionals, Tajima TMBP-SC1501, is a Hirsch Solutions product which has some great features to help you. It has a cubical frame and provides 1,200 stitches in a minute. There are 15 needles, and since it does not have sides, you get enough space and convenience to embroider items such as blankets, bags, polo shirts, caps which are usually hard to hoop.

Key features:

Size – 30” x 34” x 38”

FS mode – it makes working with hard embroidery threads easy, thus improving the quality of your stitches

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Slim cylinder – It makes embroidering smaller areas such as sleeves, socks, pockets, corners, etc., faster and more convenient

Sewing area – 360 x 500 mm

Computerized features – USB and LAN ports, full-color screen, ready barcoding, big memory

Cap frame shaft – The improved wide cap frame offers better stability with the increased speed of 1000 rpm and thus prevents vibration of the frame ensuring better precision and more speed

  • Barudan Pro II: BEXT-S1501CBII

Better portability and functions are what sets Barudan Pro II: BEXT-S1501CBII apart from other embroidery machines. It weighs just 159 pounds.  The Barudan Pro II: BEXT-S1501 CBII comes with three AC Servo motors which allow higher sewing speed. You can also be assured of the highest stitch quality. The sewing machine allows working faster with more precision allowing you to optimize your creativity. Working with Barudan Pro II will prove to be as exciting as coming up with a unique design.

Key features:

15 needles – It helps you to create 1,300 stitches in just a minute on fabrics and around 1,000 stitches on caps

Curved radius cylinder – even without tools, you can change over easily and also change throat plates

Sewing field – 330X500mm

Cap frame system – It has a framing device; two cap frames each for the sewing head, the quick-install drive unit

Additional features – toolbox, supplies, designs and thread, guide

Computerized features – Widescreen, LAN connector, USB memory stick, com port

melco-emt16-plusArmed with the Melco technology, the Melco EMT 16 Plus has advanced processing ability making it one of the best-embroidered machines today. Melco is a reputed name in the field of embroidery equipment.  It is more improved than the previous version with high-quality materials and sturdy features to enable varied and excellent embroidery work on different materials and products. They are built to last and hence, are good investment options for budding professionals as it is for expert embroidery professionals. The features are advanced yet; they are easy to use as the machine is computerized.

Key features:

Stitching features – You can view the stitches in 3D, show or hide stitches, expanded stitching editing, multi-color monogramming and around 2500 built-in embroidery designs

Computer help – you can find unlimited color options and design options, and you will be able to select your model and allow automatic thread changes, thus helping you to execute your creativity as you have visualized

16 threads and needles – take your design to the level you have imagined

Color mapping – Choose and organize your colors

brother-pr1000eAn embroidery machine that is suitable for anyone from a hobbyist to a professional, Brother PR1000e is a revolutionary machine with the best features. You can finish your projects faster with every help you can imagine at your fingertip. You can create logos, master designs, monograms, multiple color designs, and more. Its editing capacity, combined with the technologically advanced features, will inspire the designer in you.

Key features:

InnovEye Technology – It allows you to scan any design or graphic in your frame

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Snowman Embroidery positioning marker – it works like a camera so that you can precisely point your needle where you want it to be

Embroidery designs – 110 with 28-lettering fonts, ten frame designs, monograms and more

LCD Touch Screen – The sky is the limit when it comes to creating designs with the 4.4”x7.3” screen

Automatic needle threader – All you have to do is push a button, and your needle will be a thread

Embroidery areas – There are four frames, the most significant being 8”x14.”

LED lights – InnovaChrome LED color system allows LED lights to show thread colors on the LCD screen

Eyelet threading – You can now say bye to thread tangling as all the ten threads can maintain consistency

Sewing speed – 1000 stitches per minute

Advanced features – 3 USB ports, editing capacity, connecting with other machines and more

  • TOYOTA AD850

It is reasonably portable, which means you can transport it, but you need a helping hand. Computer controlled features enable more easy embroidery work and allow you to work more precisely and on different designs. Toyota AD850 comes with AC servo motors that will allow 1200 stitches per minute.

Key features:

Control Panel – Editing function, stitch correction facility, automatic movement of the hoop, tracing a design and more

Excellent mechanical features – The presence of a gear belt allows smooth motor movement with minimal lubrication and with mechatronics technology, there is no need for a clutch for jump stitch. The technology also provides thread color change

Large stitch area – The 300 mmx460 mm stitching area allows working on large pieces such as sweatshirts, bags, etc.

brother-pr1050xConsidered to be the most innovative, Brother PR1050X 10 Needle Embroidery Machine is a powerful machine that is easy to use and reliable as well. Coming from the reputed Brother brand, this is a machine that raises the bar for embroidery machines. It has excellent design features and editing availability, which makes it a custom fit for expert designers as well as home DIY makers.

Key features:

Advanced technology – InnovEye Technology that makes it faster, virtual design preview to try your design on your material, scanning frame to scan art forms that could be transformed into embroidery designs, dream edition software and upgrade kit

LCD screen – 10.1” screen that displays icons and menu vividly

Automatic needle threading – You need not waste time and efforts in threading the needle all the time

Editing – The facility of embroidery editing onscreen

Designs – 699 built-in embroidery designs, 37 fonts, eight styles of monograms, and 140 pattern combinations.

janome-mb4sThe machine comes from the renowned Janome brand, which was the first company who developed a sewing machine with a computer. Janome MB-4S Commercial 4 Needle Embroidery Machine is the first ever commercial machine with four needles. Though it is an industrial embroidery machine, it can also be used for home-based embroidery work. The machine works swiftly and precisely on any kind of fabric, thick or thin.

Key features:

Designs – 50 built-in designs, 2 and three letters and ten fonts monogramming

Stitches – Stitch counter,

Speed – 800 stitches per minute

Screen – Remote, 5.7”

More features – automatic needle threader and thread cutter, auto-return after thread breaks, adjustable positioning for the hoop, bobbin winding motor, USB transfer of designs, editing functions, and more

In Conclusion

Used Commercial Embroidery Machines can be as good as new provided you get a machine in good working condition. You should get a machine that is sturdy and will last longer and will offer value for money. The key is to check out features, careful inspection, and a trusted seller.

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