Brother PR1000E 10-Needles Embroidery Machine


Brother PR1000E integrates a range of new features to enhance your productivity and Offering ten needles for a wide range of colors an positioning camera sensor and a secure, yet straightforward, touch screen control system with design preview functions and built-in editing.

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Brother PR1000E is the device to take your home company embroidery. The PR1000E integrates a range of new features to enhance your productivity. Offering ten needles for a wide range of colors an positioning camera sensor and a strong, yet straightforward, touch screen control system with design preview functions and built-in editing.

Finish most multi-color designs quicker, easier, and with greater precision compared to 6-needle or solitary machines. Create professional results on a wide selection of things with logos, monograms and more. Allow the Brother PR1000E inspire you to create designs you've only dreamed of before! The PR1000e comes equipped with a few editing capacities and the layout ever built to an embroidery machine. When you think you've reached the limits of freedom, look again the PR1000e probably has to offer you.

Although packed full of features that the Brother PR1000E will sit on any surface with the minimal area, this machine is readily usable in the home. The machine will sail happily alerting you when something is needed, letting you get on with other jobs. To make the most of this machine the Brother PE Design software is suggested. Also, we provide installation assistance; please contact us to get more info.

The ten thread spindles, large LCD interactive touch display and oversize work table jutting out from the ideal side bring efficiency convenience and speed of a professional sewing machine into machine embroidery enthusiasts' sewing rooms the world over.

Brother PR1000e Entrepreneur Pro Unique Features

  • LCD Touch Control Panel
  • Convenience features
  • On Screen Editing
  • Brother Legacy
  • Stitch functions: 110 built-in designs; 28 Size Adjustable Fonts, Frames, Decorative frames, Decorative alphabet
  • Stitch Width: 14 x 8 Inch with included frames
  • Bobbin Type: Quick set Bobbin: Vertical, auto thread delivery

Included with Brother PR1000E:

  • FREE Delivery.
  • FREE Box of 10 Big Threads.
  • FREE Telephone and Online Support.
  • FREE 1-day training on the machine and the software from our qualified instructor.
  • PE-DESIGN® ten software allows endless possibilities to create your designs.
  • Jumbo SlimLine II Clamp
  • Brother PR Workstation
  • Cutwork Embroidery Collection USB
  • Premium Upgrade Kit PR1000 & PR1000e upgrade kit.
  • Embroidery machine stand

Included also with the machine are both the small and large EMS Hoop Tech Slimline clamps which are designed to run on the Brother PR series machines. Included are the 2"x3.5", 4"x4", 5" Round, Cap Side LH, Cap Side RH, 8"x5" and 11"x5" windows.




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    • 10 Needles- Embroider multi-coloured designs quickly and easily.
    • Exclusive Automatic Needle Threader- Exclusive Automatic Needle Threader
    • Camera Function- Advance camera sensing function for easy embroidery positioning with sensor system.
    • Extra Large 360mm x 200mm Embroidery area- Enables you to create even bigger embroidery designs. Adds flexibility and impact to your designs.
    • Multi-colour  LED thread lights indicator help to: Show the position of broken threads Show the position when a thread colour needs changing Show the position thread for each colour of thread.
    • Variable speed 400 to 1200 stitches per minute- select the best embroidery for your project, or individual needles can be at different speeds to suit specialize threads.
    • Large Colour LCD Touch Screen- Stitch information and informative tutorial guides are all accessed simply and quickly via the large screen.
    • Exclusive Automatic Needle Threader- Simply press the automatic needle threading button to see the upper thread pass through the needle quickly and securely.
    • Automatic thread trimmers- Cuts upper and lower thread automatically at the end of each colour change on embroidery.
    • Speed range- variable speed range, flat frame 400 to 1,000 spm, cap frame 400 to 600 spm.
    • Flexible Threading System- Easy threading prevents thread tangles and knots and provides stable thread tension.
    • Anchor needle speed- Set individual needle speeds to suit specialise threads.
    • Built-in designs- 28 built-in fonts and 110 embroidery designs inclusive of frame patterns
    • Table- Supports large and heavy projects
    • Advanced features for extra versatility -stitch step back /forward using the camera sensor allows you to go back over part of a design
    • Customise designs on screen - Powerful editing functions include arragingrotation in 1 degree incrementsdesign size change and the bility to combine designs and letterings.
    • Link Capability- Send designs to multiple machines. Queue name changes with the new name dropfeature. Ideal when making personalised items such as team shirts.


    • Extra Large Hoop 360mm x 200mm 
    • Large Hoop 180mm x 130mm 
    • Medium Hoop 100mm x 100mm 
    • Small Hoop 60mm x 40mm 
    • Manual

    Optional Accessories:

    • Wide angle Cap Frame 360mm x660mm
    • Cylinder Frame
    • Jumbo Frame 360 x 360 mm
    • Border Frame 300 mm x 100 mm
    • Round Frame Kit

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