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Top 15 Best Quilting Machine 2023 Comparison Reviews

January 24, 2021
quilting machine

Many people are turning to making quilts as a hobby. While most people do not have space for a particular long-arm quilting machine in their sewing room, making a great quilt using quilting or sewing is still possible. Throughout the years, sewing machines have significantly improved, and there are now many perfect models for those who want to quilt at home. You should not have any problem finding a quilting machine, whether you are just starting or a more advanced quilter.

Below there is a list of some of the best quilting currently available. The machines on this list come in several price ranges and styles, so you can find quilting that will best meet your needs.

How To Choose A Quilting Machine for Advanced Sewers?

quilting machine

More advanced quilters will likely want to consider quilting that is computerized. This will expand the machine features as there are many built-in stitch programs, and some even have a memory function allowing you to save your favorite stitch patterns to use again later.

If you enjoy using decorative stitches, you will want to make sure you choose quilting to add your unique touch to any project you create. Also, as you become a more advanced quilter, you will want to consider an extension table to provide a larger workspace, which can be very helpful.

Another advanced feature sewers want to look for is the kind of presser feet that the machine comes with. Specialized pressure feet will increase the number of projects you will make with the machine.

What’s the Difference Between a Quilting and Sewing?

Quilting machines are similar to sewing machines, with just a few differences. A quilting machine will have several additional capabilities that a sewing machine will not have. The most significant difference between the two is that a quilting machine has many more workspaces. The quilting will be longer so that you have a wider space to work with. If you require more space, you can purchase an extension table.

Regular sewing has fewer options when it comes to stitching types. Quilting machines provide more opportunities as making a quilt differs from other sewing projects.

The other big difference between quilting and sewing machines is stability and speed. If you plan to become a severe quilter, you want a higher-speed machine to complete projects faster. The extra workspace provided by a quilting machine makes it more stable than regular sewing.

What Factors to Consider Before Buying a Quilting Machine?

When choosing a quilting machine, the features are the main thing to consider. When you set out to buy a quilting machine, some of the features you should consider include the following:

  • Throat Space: This needs to be significant so that you can work with your quilt and larger crafting projects.
  • Table: extensions will allow you to work on any size quilt.
  • Decorative stitches: not something that you must have, but this allows you to add designs to your patterns.
  • Thread cutter provides versatility to the machine.
  • Quilting stitches: not necessary, but nice to have.
  • Frame: provides a structure that comes in handy when trying to quilt.

You will want to focus on the table size, throat space, and the machine’s quilting stitches. Other features are nice to have but are not necessary for making quality quilts.

Which Quilting Machine is best for a Business?

If you are going to start a quilting business, investing in a long-arm quilting machine is essential. This machine will give you the most features for your quilting and provide you with the space you need to take on large quilting projects.

As a longarm quilting business, you can provide several services, including helping hobbyist quilters that might need some of their quilts sewn with a larger, special machine. While the long-arm quilting machines cost more, creating unique quilts and selling your services will help you pay the higher cost in no time.

Here are the Top 15 Best Quilting Machines of 2023

1. Babylock Coronet ($3,639.00)

Babylock Coronet

The Babylock Coronet is a long-arm quilting machine perfect for new to long-arm quilting. The frame is only five feet long, so it easily fits into a minimal studio space. Even though the frame is small, it does not take away from the workspace, as you will have sixteen feet to work with when making your quilt.

Babylock Coronet features include a ¼ inch hopping interchangeable foot, manual stitch mode, front and back handles for easier control, and a color LED touch screen with LED lighting options.

With many great features and a price of under $7000, this is an excellent long-arm machine choice for anyone that wants to get started in the quilting business. It is also suitable for more advanced quilters, offering everything needed to make fabulous quilts.

2. Babylock Regent ($5,599.00)

Babylock Regent

The Babylock Regent provides stitch regulation allowing users to enjoy free motion quilting. The automated regulator is built into the table insert and helps achieve perfectly consistent stitching every time. This is perfect for quilters of all skill sets. At a steady tempo of 2200 stitches per minute, this machine moves fast, which will help you complete projects at a quick pace.

The interface is very user-friendly and allows you to access software and hardware options, stitch counters, lighting options, and more through the large, easy-to-read LCD touchscreen.

Overall, this is a great quilting machine perfect for all quilters levels, from those just starting to professionals.

3. Bernina Q20 with Lift Table

Some of the great qualities of the Bernina Q20 include design and innovation. It is created and manufactured in Switzerland. A machine is a sit-down option with a lift table to adjust to your preferred height. It provides enough room for even huge quilts.

The stitch regulator has dual optical sensors on each side of the needle plate to allow precise sensing.  The touch screen will enable you to easily adjust and activate the stitch regulator.

This is a very easy-to-use machine that even beginners will quickly learn to use. For the price, you cannot get much better than this machine. It also does not take up as much space as many other quilting machines, which is good for working in a smaller setting.

4. Bernina Q24 ($15,399.00)

Bernina Q24

The throat of the Bernina Q24 is 24 inches. It is the first longarm quilting machine offered by the company. There are different sizes of quilting frames available for the machine. This will allow you to find the perfect solution for your room size. The machine will provide precise stitches with four modes for ultimate flexibility. It is quick to the thread, and the onboard bobbin winder allows you to wind it quickly.

The handles are customizable, making this machine very easy and comfortable. You can adapt your position for any quilting technique and will always be satisfied. This is a very ergonomic machine.

Bernina Q24 has enough space for larger quilting products, and it is sturdy and will last a very long time. This is a perfect choice if you want a sit-down quilting machine that will provide you with quilting pleasure for many years.

5. Janome Continental M7 ($5,599.00)

Janome Continental M7

For those looking for all of the innovative features in a quilting machine, Janome does not disappoint with the continental m7. This great quilting machine is what has come to be expected from the company. Every quilter should consider this excellent quilting machine, from easy to thread so easy to use.

The Janome continental m7 is not only sleek but very sturdy. This is a quilting machine that was truly built to last. The needle threading system is a smooth path, a one-button operation that could not be easier to use. The line of sight for threading your needle is unobstructed as well.

The high-definition touch screen is strategically located to be easily accessed, and the interface is straightforward. With all of the great features of this machine, you really cannot go wrong.

6. Janome quilt maker pro 18 ($10,199.00)

Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18

Janome is one of the top brands of quilting machines for a reason. The new quilt maker pro 18 offered by the company is one of the best machines you can ask for. You can easily create any size and type of quilt using this superb machine.

Some features of the Quilt Maker Pro 18 include 2200 stitches a minute, adjustable handlebars, laser light, 18” x 9” space for quilting, USB updateable, bobbin winder, built-in thread stand, tension and precision control, and the ability to save your stitch settings.

Janome is a top brand, and if you are looking for a great long-arm quilting machine, this is one of the best options available for the price. It is easy to use and will last for many years to come.

7. Juki tl-2200qvp

Juki tl-2200qvp

The Juki TL-2200qvp offers a complete package, even though it does not have an extended frame. With this machine, you get a long-arm machine with a table and extension leaf, providing plenty of room for your quilting needs. The table has an adjustable height and can be folded down for storage and transport.

This high-speed machine allows you to sew up to 2200 stitches in a minute. You still have complete control over the stitches, even at that fast pace, as the computer system manages everything. The big LCD touchscreen display will show you the speed, position, and more.

For those who prefer a sit-down machine, this is a perfect option as it provides plenty of room for even large projects and is adjustable to make quilting easy and comfortable at all times.

8. Juki tl-18qvp

Juki tl-18qvp

This is a lock stitch, single needle, portable machine made of aluminum die casting. Several feet are available for the machine, including the FMQ and a walking foot. Using the guide bar for the machine is relatively easy and helps you achieve a straight edge.

It is important to note that this sewing can be used to sew quilts. This is not the machine for you if you plan on large quilting projects. However, this is an excellent machine to invest in if you are a hobbyist and just sewing smaller quilts. This perfect and durable machine will allow you to make great quilts.

9. PFAFF Quilt Expression 720 ($2,513.00)

PFAFF Quilt Expression 720

This machine offers a perfect combination of features and creative possibilities. The number of exclusive stitch programs on this machine will allow you to create any quilt type you could imagine. The color touch screen lets you see the stitch’s appearance before you even start sewing. You can explore many creative options through the screen.

The PFAFF Quilt Expression 720 comes with a standard stitch plate and a straight stitch plate. The sensor helps prevent you from choosing a stitch that would make the needle go sideways when you have a straight plate. This prevents damage and ensures you use the right accessories for each job.

Overall, this is a high-quality quilting machine with many great features. This is an excellent choice for the passionate and creative quilter who wants to make unique stitches to create glorious quilts.

10. PFAFF Quilt Expression 4.2

PFAFF Quilt Expression 4.2

This machine’s name says it all; the Quilt Expression by PFAFF has been made with the design quilter in mind. From the many accessories, such as the ¼” foot and the free motion foot, this machine is truly a delight for any avid quilter.

One fun feature is the thread cutter that will cut your thread and lift the foot—no more wasting time looking for a pair of scissors that always seem to disappear.

This machine will allow you to create your stitches or use one of the many programmed stitches available on the machine for the creative quilter. You can create unique, unique, exquisite designs for your quilts.

This is a machine for the serious and creative quilter. Beginners hoping to hone their skills and truly learn about quilting will love this machine’s features.

11. Brother VQ2400 ($3,499.00)

Brother VQ2400

VQ2400  from Brother might be what you are looking for in those who have a passion for sewing and quilting. This is a very versatile machine for sewing and quilting. The machine’s advanced features include the digital dual feed, easy pivoting using the new pivot function, and a motor-driven foot.

Brother VQ2400  offers excellent lighting to see your work without needing an extra task light in your workroom. It produces up to 1050 stitches a minute, and users will enjoy automatic bobbin winding and needle threading.

VQ2400  from Brother is extremely affordable for the hobby quilter who also likes to sew other items. This versatile machine will provide you with everything you need to create many beautiful things.

12. Husqvarna Viking Epic 980q ($6,299.00)

Husqvarna Viking Epic 980q

Epic 980Q truly has a lot to offer. The large touch screen is straightforward to read and navigate, making it easy for beginners. The working area is brightly lit, making it fun and easy to work on larger projects. The machine also offers a JoyOS advisor that will automatically offer the best stitch to use. This includes your chosen technique’s proper length, width, tension, and pressure foot pressure. Also, it comes with a free mySewnet account, which gives you access to files from many devices.

Epic 980Q has over 1000 built-in stitches and many exclusive techniques. When you choose this machine, you can truly take your quilting to a whole new level. This is an excellent choice for beginners who want to up their quilting game. The machine is also great for more advanced quilters that want quality with many great options and features.

13. Handi Quilter Amara ($14,097.00)

Handi Quilter Amara

The Amara quilting machine provides many convenient features combined with advanced functions that any hobbyist will love. These features include adjustable handlebars, a large touchscreen LED display, a tension knob that is easy to use, and fantastic LED  lighting on the needle, throat, and bobbin.

Amara is a great machine that allows you to personalize it from programmable handlebars fully. This means you can quilt each time you are ready to go comfortably. The large touchscreen provides easy navigation, and lighting in the most important areas.

Overall, this is great for just quilting as a hobby and just starting. It offers many great features but is not very advanced, so more experienced quilters will likely not be happy with this machine.

14. Handi Quilter Capri ($5,596.00)

Handi Quilter Capri

Quilter Capri offers a breakneck stitching speed of up to 2200 stitches a minute. The 18” throat space is very roomy and allows you to sew four to 22 stitches, allowing you to create many motifs of different types, lengths, and styles.

The Handi Quilter Capri is a great beginner machine with many great features, such as a responsive foot pedal, project timer, preset saving, precision mode, cruise mode, and much more. There are tutorials available on the manufacturer’s website that can help you get started relatively quickly.

15. APQS Millie

APQS Millie

Millie is a machine that combines engineering and innovation. This high-end quilting comes with every type of feature a quilter wants. Embracing technology and blending this with everyday craftspeople’s traditional skills is a wonderful long-arm quilting that anyone would be proud to own.

APQS is one of the most well-known brands of quilting out there. The Millie is one of the company’s top machines and is one that any master quilter should consider adding to their craft room. The deluxe adjustable table, stitch regulator, and touchscreen controls are great features of this quilting.

Where to Buy Quilting Machine?

If you are looking for a new quilting machine, several options are available. You can purchase one online or at a local store. Online, many retailers offer an extensive selection of machines and accessories, as well as product reviews and customer feedback to help you make informed decisions. At Sterling Sewing, knowledgeable staff members can advise on the best type of machine for your needs and demonstrate the features of individual models.

Finally, when purchasing a quilting machine, it is crucial to consider whether you require additional accessories such as cutting mats, rotary cutters, or rulers. These items are essential in helping ensure clean edges when piecing together fabrics and designing intricate patterns accurately and efficiently. Most retailers offer these items separately or in combination with machines; however, shopping around may enable you to find better deals than buying everything from one vendor at once.


When choosing the best quilting machine, there are several factors to consider. You will want to choose a machine that allows you to make blocks between four and six inches. The machine should enable you to quilt quickly and efficiently.

Overall, the best machines for quilting are long-arm machines. These machines will provide you with the ability to make much larger quilts. However, these machines are expensive and take up a lot of room. If you want to quilt as a hobby, the best sewing machines with quilting features should suffice.